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Okay, it wasn't my fault this time! Well ... okay, it was, but it wasn't due to perennial stupidity on my part.

So, I forced a shutdown while my computer was shutting down, and this morning, when I tried to login to Windows, the keyboard wasn't working. So, I decided to run a "repair Windows" thing, in preparation for logging in, backing up stuff, and reformatting. That didn't work because typing on a keyboard still wasn't working ... and now I couldn't finish logging in either way because it kept wanting to continue the installation. Then I got the brillaint idea of trying to install Windows on an external hard drive instead. That didn't work because it BSOD'd shortly after trying, and then no matter what I did, it gave a "could not load Windows because Windows\System32\hal.dll is corrupted or missing."

So then I got our computer guru to let me borrow a hard drive and a docking station so that I could install Windows on the borrowed hard drive so I could back stuff up in preparation for an actual reformat ...

... and then I realized that the one thing I failed to back up was my Firefox install. Meaning, I'm going to have to get cookies and install recent addons all over again, whee!

(Oh well, I saved everything important, and it's better than losing EVERYTHING.)

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Isn't Windows grand?

If it wasn't for Touhou I wouldn't even own a PC.

Dizzy H. Muffin

Try screwing around with stuff like that on a Mac and we'll talk. ;)


oh dont worry Orin, you can run Touhou in Linux with Wine ;)

and with how slow it was going on my netbook I nearly beat EoSD on Normal :o (got to Remi, and didnt feel like continuing. I swear that game is like a lot harder than the rest of them for the difficulty level)


oh, my Firefox no works well lately, since my last update.i must free my PC for space, i think. And my messenger no work more, can`t update it. i hope who will be a crash...

Cirno is a Genius

I do all my own repairs and upgrades on my macs. I have fixed almost every software problem that other software causes on my macs. Also, my macs run Touhou very well when I boot them into XP or 7 :)

I am kinda rusty, though. They don't break or need upgrades that often. Oh well.


Yeah, it is better than losing EVERYTHING!!

I just going to say "That Nice" and Hope I doesn't get banned again.

So... That Nice...


Firefox does that.

I yet have to figure out how to properly back it up - my Firefox installation is always on D:, since I keep C: for the Windows installation exclusively, but when I reformat C: and reinstall Windows, all Firefox extensions and scripts are dead and gone. Good thing I have a handy reference list on the computer I didn't reformat, whichever of the two that is.

Dizzy H. Muffin

@KennyMan666: The data and stuff is in C:\Documents and Settings\[subject name here]\Application Data\Mozilla\.

Lily S

I was an idiot when I was doing my last backup, too. Forgot all of my FONTS. >.< Thankfully I remedied that by copying them from my old laptop drive, which I still had handy.


Firefox Portable is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Instead of installing FF to c:\program files\, and having your extensions and registry settings all over the place (depending on Windows version), you install it ALL in ONE folder. Backups are a cinch, just copy your FirefoxPortable folder to whatever.

Note: When you first install FF Portable, caching is disabled (to reduce wear and tear if you're running it from a flash drive). Also, the automatic update works fine for extensions, but if a new version of FF comes out, you need to wait until the portable version is released (usually takes a day or two). Installing the vanilla version over a portable installation folder is bound to do all sorts of weird unfixable things.