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2010/01/02: New Update For New ... Um, Decade


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So, with the aid of Magpie RSS, I have made it possible to put RSS feeds on the site. I suppose this would be exceedingly more useful if I were to actually release this. (Which might involve revealing my Secret Other Internet Identity. Or just pretending, on this one, that I was a "friend who was also using it.")

Also, I am now a twit, as you can see from the sidebar. I suppose various updates are going to go there as well ...

Also any post which even hints at "but it isn't the new decade yet! THERE IS NO YEAR ZERO!" will be mercilessly ... um ... merciless'd.

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Dizzy H. Muffin


The Jelly

Well, being the techie I am, the belief that all indexen should start at Zero means that this (2010) is the start of a new decade, the zero-eth year of said new decade.

Anyways, I think that's the best word for a twitter member. Ever. High Five Kimiko for coming up with that one ^^

Hmmmm, so you do have an alternate identity... the Muffin-is-somehow-related-to-ZUN conspiracy deepens...


T^T I dunno what RSS stands for...

Oh well. Hooray!

Also: Your webcomic is very entertaining! Your use of canon, fan-depictions, and create.swf combined make something that I now love.
Thank you for this.

Dizzy H. Muffin

Okay, who are these crazy people who've been Following me anyway!?

Young Demon Lord

Programmers start counting from 0. It's a new decade, as far as we're concerned.

Happy New Year to you, Muffin! And to the rest o' yinz, too!

BTW, the date was a palindrome: 2010-01-02
That doesn't happen again until November next year!


I followed you. Because I felt like it.


I may be a crazy person, but the only reason I found this place 3 days ago was due to a link on Walfas.
And I do love your comic. It is very nice.
I read from 38(?) to your latest yesterday.


"Which might involve revealing my Secret Other Internet Identity. Or just pretending, on this one, that I was a "friend who was also using it.""

hehehe, the joys of the internet. and as long as you play your cards right and not slip between the two in a way that a careful observer could notice, then there's no way they can pin it on you :D

Dizzy H. Muffin

Well, you know what they say, sRc. On the internet ... *puts on sunglasses* ... nobody knows you're a dog.



hahahaha! on an entirely related note, I believe think your comic here is directly responsible for the rise I've seen in that meme's usage on Danbooru


10 bucks that Alt-Muffin has posted here already!

-merciless'd again-

On a more serious note, couldn't you use a better word than "twit"?

Dizzy H. Muffin

I call myself "Muffin" and you're expecting me to be serious? Yeesh ...


Well, I can't tell if you're being serious there or not there...

On a more serious note, you're definitely more serious than me -heywaitaminute

No, really, I'm the guy who, among other things, calls himself CapedLuigisYoshi, has made up characters based on eraser caps, pencil sharpeners, and mechanical pencils, has created a giant 1337-speaking dragonfly and a Rampardos who defies reality due to immense stupidityz, constantly leaves himself open to being brick'd (and merciless'd), ends random wordz with "z", is currently being obligated to write a fanfic shipping a character with herself, and recently made a Christmas comic combining Pokemon, a Luigi-cosplaying author avatar, Touhou characters, Walfas references, Grinch references, a Lucky Star-inspired character, a Narnia reference, a Macross Frontier reference, and "The Night Before Christmas".

Apoligies for the long post, and hoping that the next comic will bring the funniez again.