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2010/01/30: Failure Of Common Sense? You ain't seen nothin' yet!


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(Actually, more of a "failure of paying-attention-to-what-you'redoing, but.) So, for those of you not paying attention to my Twitter, not only did I stupidly get another virus, I accidentally ran a quick-format on my external hard drive (the one with everything important on it). Fortunately, there are tools to deal with this, and I've picked one which recovers directory structure.

In the past 5:41:24 it has recovered 9.20 out of 102 GB. I've gone back and adjusted the settings (unchecking stuff I don't need or can easily replace, i.e. stuff on Steam) so that what's left would now be less than 58 GB and started where I left off.

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What's your twitter?


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If I am not ninja'd here, I deserve a cookie.


Hahaha, close to the same happened to me (except a lot worse)! My computer got a virus, and I used registrybooster or whatever to clean it; except, I set it to delete all of my cookies (I haz a lot of save games)... so, I used a file recovery program, which made me computer crash because it used too much space... It seemed that it fried the hard drive or something, and so my computer is now useless... T_T

Tewi Inonymous

Truly muffins, you have a great talent for fucking up your computer.

Have you looked into industrial sabotage?

Dizzy H. Muffin

There weren't any local positions open. Y'know, the economy and all. :B


So, uh, will this delay the comic?



I don't really know what you're doing that's getting all these viruses, Comodo has saved my butt more times than I can remember. (Kinda annoying with the spammy messages sometimes, but it catches stuff before it gets a chance to mess up your system)

I've also had AVG recommended to me quite often, but have yet to use it.

Of course, neither will help if you're writing your own take-over-the-world viruses and they're just getting sentient early.




How do you accidentally run a reformat, anyways?

Dizzy H. Muffin

By going to reformat my hard drive, not realizing I had plugged in my external hard drive instead of my mouse, and accidentally selecting the wrong thing. |3


I wouldn't use AVG, North4. In my years of working tech support, AVG is by far the worst excuse of an antivirus I have ever seen. Avast, or the new Microsoft Security Essentials if you're going to go free, and Norton Corporate if you're going to pay for one.

Dizzy H. Muffin

I use ClamWin. And it wasn't because I didn't have one, it's because I ignored it when it said the file was infected. |3

(and yeah it's gonna delay the latest comic)


Ohhh, I see you've played mousey-drivey before! Or... not enough.

Hunter 1

Heh, I've only had one major alert from Norton (as in, major enough for Norton to automatically transfer the file into quarantine) in the past few years, and that was because the file exhibited suspicious behavior; namely, it replaced/overwrote files.

I overrode it, because you would sorta expect that kind of activity from the PatchCon English patcher...

When it comes to stuff from torrents, however, I'll actually check before I override Auto-Protect.

Also, with Norton, make sure you can renew your subscription when it's up, or you'll find yourself with a AV program that's effectively crippled, as I found out the hard way last week. Fortunately, this happened on my older desktop, and I've shifted over to my newer laptop for most stuff, so I could afford to just unplug the desktop's ethernet cable from the router until I got a new version of Norton.


I must admit I'm impressed. Truly your ability to repeatedly screw over your own computer is unmatched. o.o


I'm not impressed at your ability to jack up your compy so many times.
Now it's recovering all of that again and again and having the patience to do so.
I applaud you.

Young Demon Lord

"The complement of the opposite of a lack of common sense."

Because it sounds more impressive[ly confusing] than just omitting "opposite."