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2009/12/26: Christmas Swag, Part 2


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So, today's haul was a bit smaller than yesterday's. Here's what I've gotten that formally falls under the "Christmas" category ...

  • Various and sundry snacks
  • Terry Pratchett's The Color of Magic1
  • Neil Gaiman's Odd and the Frost Giants.
  • A goofy wall-calendar which I accidentally left at my dad's place.
  • A very silly hat which I'm going to do my best to lose.
  • A total of $100 so far

The moose-head is still there. I've left it on the doorknob of a hall-closet ...

1The downside of having a really good author who keeps getting better and better at writing is that, by definition, when you go back and read his older works, you will find that they aren't quite so good.

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Young Demon Lord

The Color of Magic is sitting on the other side of my bedroom right now. And I'm on winter break. I really ought to get around to reading it. >_<

I've read one Pratchett book so far, though it wasn't a Discworld. However, it was quite amusing, and the reason I need to get around to checking out Discworld, starting at what I'm pretty sure is the beginning.