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2009/12/25: Christmas Swag, Part 1

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So, I have had Christmas stuff so far with mom, stepdad, sister, and a friend of stepdad, at the house my mom and stepdad have built (it's nearly finished). I'm going to be going to my dad's house tomorrow for further festivities, and also have Christmas with my maternal grandmother on Sunday, in both cases weather permitting. Here's what I have gotten so far:

  • Miscellaneous candy and snacks
  • Money from my paternal grandmother (that is, my biological dad's mother)
  • A 500-GB external hard drive from the family's "computer guru." (Old external drive, your contents shall sorely be missed. I'll take better care of this one, which I've named Yuuka.)
  • A stuffed "comical" reindeer-head door-hanger. I have placed it on my outside doorknob in the hopes that it will get stolen. However, since this is a rather nice apartment building instead of a house in a bad part of town, I fear that this gesture shall be wasted. Good for "Alas, poor Bullwinkle" gags, I suppose ... I'd just as soon have it get eaten by a minotaur, though.
  • A datebook, for July 2009-December 2010, which is better-made than my current one and hopefully won't just fall to bits at the first sign of damp.
  • A fully-colored and -formatted copy of House of Leaves, duh. ;)1

I stole the show with a combination Crowning Moment Of Awesome/Funny/Heartwarming with my contribution: a Microsoft Word-made card, split into three, consisting of three separate messages to my mom, stepdad, and sister, all with a "Merry Christmas to One Family All Together" message when you put the pieces together.

I suppose I'd better get to work on cards for my dad and stepmother ... It can wait until after I'm done copying stuff onto the new hard drive, though.

1P.S., I have updated the code so that you don't need to put any special formatting around a particular two words ... also, say hello to the <rstrike> HTML-tag for the comments, available only on this page (at the moment), which does this.

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Young Demon Lord

FYI, the link to Old External Drive 404'd on me. Is this the link you're looking for?

Overall, decent haul, Muffin. A Merry Christmas to you, you awesome, awesome Touhou fan-writer.

By the way, these particular two words you mentioned: What were they, and what was the deal with the special formatting?

And because I don't play with HTML much:
Testing strike tag. Just the usual <strike>, right?
Rstrike line.

Dizzy H. Muffin

Yeah, link corrected! |3

And YDL is obviously not familiar with House of Leaves. |3

Young Demon Lord

Double post because of lack of edit feature.

Nifty tag! Wonder when I'll actually need it, though. Can't think of any reason I'd use rstrike rather than strike. For that matter, I don't see reason to use strike too often, anyway, so whatever. Maybe someone else knows what to do with rstrike.

Saw the HTML for this page. Not bad. Personally, I would have given rstrike a span tag with a different class (say, <span class="rs">) and defined the properties in CSS. In the long run, I think that'd reduce the sizes of HTML files as pages and comments build up (because you'd only need one span and one termination, rather than two). But hey, it's your site, not mine.

Young Demon Lord

And YDL is obviously not familiar with House of Leaves. |3

Was it that obvious? ;P

Yes, I am.

Dizzy H. Muffin

The whole point of rstrike is it's a House of Leaves joke :P


The second I saw House in blue I knew what was coming. And you can't stop it.


the colors, Duke, the colors!

I need to read House of Leaves, I forgot about that when my book queue progress just pretty much dropped to 0 (Patchy I am not)


I hate that book. It's way too scary. I want to kill it with fire except I'm not sure that will get rid of it. And that scares me. It's the kind of book that messes with my mind until I'm not quite certain if it's actually only a book.

Young Demon Lord

Man, I feel like Captain Kirk and the quadro-triticale.

"Does everybody know about this wheat but me?"

Dizzy H. Muffin

Better than being Dr. House!