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Touhou Nekokayou #85 (CSI): Blasting and Entering

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Touhou Nekokayou: Scarlet Weather Archive in Japanese Red #85

Touhou Nekokayou: Scarlet Weather Archive in Japanese Red #85a

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Characters: Kotohime, Tsukiyo Juuten, Tsumami Anryoku, Marisa Kirisame, Rumia, EX-Rumia, Yukari Yakumo

Okay, I actually did it this time! :3 Hmm ... you know, for some reason, playing the "YEAHHHH" in my head makes me want to mentally segue into the theme from Sonic Adventure ...

Tsumami and Tsukiyo ... well, I knew from the start that Mika and Midori were going to be a sort of "Colon and Nobbs routine." I guess this means I've come full circle, huh?1 I decided to give them names based on meanings (they're puns); as a result, they sound kind of generic-ish. It's pretty much just an accident that both of them begin with "tsu," the way Mika and Midori begin with "Mi." In any event, this then raises the question of who's going to be Dibbler. I suppose that Mystia's our best bet, given her shady business practices.

I wish I'd thought of "giving different people their own distinct sleeves" before I discovered that Kotohime's default sleeves looked silly when you tried to make them hold anything. Mind you, they're already silly to begin with, but that's not quite what I was going for.

I just want to say that KirbyM is awesome for including all the ingredients needed to make EX-Rumia mk.II, plus the sky-background for the logo there. Those dark wings are awesome and animated and stuff. Also, I figure the last panel is revenge for just about every time someone's had to say "Dammit Yukari!" And EX-Rumia's song is a reference to Penny Arcade (I couldn't think of what else for her to sing).

Um, I've come up with full names and basic profiles for every single policewoman who's appeared or been mentioned in this comic, oh dear. Well, it's not like there were any other canon characters in the police force ... I should just quit while I'm ahead ... |3


  1. (Cold open. Various policewomen are milling around through the Human Village's police station. A rookie officer approaches Police Chief Kotohime.)
    Constable Oguri: Chief, Corporal Koizumi just sent in a report, she thought she saw someone skulking around the Hieda mansion, and she thought it might be that witch.
    Kotohime: Marisa, huh? Okay, I'll send Anryoku and Juuten out to go look.
  2. (As the constable heads off, another officer who overheard this comes up to Kotohime.)
    Sergeant Saruwatari: Uh, Chief ... well, uh ... I know they were just about the first two people to join your police force, but are you sure Tsumami and Tsukiyo are the best girls for the job? I mean ...
    Kotohime: (smiling) Oh, don't worry about that, Sergeant, I've got a method to my madness.
  3. Kotohime: Point one: it will keep both of them busy and reasonably out of trouble.
    Saruwatari: Um, sure.
  4. Kotohime: Point two: whenever Kirisame sees our pink'n'purple uniforms headin' straight towards her, she *runs*. We don't *need* to send anyone particularly good at dodging master sparks.
    Saruwatari: Ahaaaaaaa.
  5. (Closeup of Kotohime against a sketchy pink background, preparing to put on Gurren shades.)
    Kotohime: This is one case, Sergeant Saruwatari ...
  6. (Kotohime puts the Gurren shades on.)
    Kotohime: ... where you *do* want to startle the witch.
  7. (Wide view of Gensokyo.)
    The Who: YEAHHHH!!!
  8. (Logo and title.)
  9. (Tsumami and Tsukiyo walk past the Hieda mansion, Tsukiyo holding a flashlight. It is autumn.)
    Tsukiyo: I'm tellin' ya, Tsumami, we're working on Easy Street tonight! One look at us and that witch is just gonna run like heck!
    Tsumami: I thought Marisa Kirisame's the second greatest youkai-hunter in Gensokyo, after the shrine maiden?
    Caption: Sergeant Tsukiyo Juuten
    Caption: Corporal Tsumami Anryoku
  10. Tsukiyo: *Youkai* hunter, yes. But we're humans! She's just an uncouth thief, anyway. You don't wanna leave any spells or magic books out when she's around!
    Tsumami: That Probably won't be too big of a problem with *us.* So what kind of spells?
  11. Tsukiyo: Danmaku, Tsumami, danmaku! Kirisame's a real fighter, y'know! Just about anyone, human or youkai, she'll go for it like crazy!
    Tsumami: You mean, before or after she's run like heck after taking one look at us?
  12. (Tsukiyo stops and turns to Tsumami in annoyance, accidentally shining the flashlight directly into her face.)
    Tsukiyo: Wh -- you're having a go at me, aren't you!?
    Tsumami: Ack! Sarge, your flashlight!!
  13. (Marisa watches from the far corner of the house. Rumia happens to be behind her.)
    Tsukiyo: (off-panel) Oops! Sorry, Mami ...
    Tsumami: (off-panel) Yeah, c'mon, Sarge, be more careful with those things!
    Marisa: Oh, the Two Tsus? Jeez, where the hell did Kotohime dig *those* two nineballs up!? I could just stay on the other side of the house and they'd never see me at all.
    Rumia: Is that so~?
  14. (Marisa shoots Rumia's ribbon off with a laser.)
    Tsukiyo: (off-panel) Man, outsider technology is weird, huh?
    Tsumami: (off-panel) Ugh, you said it, Sarge ...
    Marisa: Buzz off, pixie stix.
    Marisa SFX: was aiming for her face
    Rumia: Gk! Wpd. Bthndl?
  15. (Rumia buzzes with energy.)
    Tsukiyo: (off-panel) Huh? Did you hear something?
    Tsumami: (off-panel) Sarge, look!
    Marisa: Erp?
    Rumia: Haeyahuiyahoyahiya
  16. (Back at the Two Tsus)
    Tsumami: It's Kirisame!
    Tsukiyo: AFTER HER!! (but not fast enough to actually catch up)
    SFX: Police instincts taking over!
  17. (Marisa flies by at top speed, disheveling them.)
  18. Tsumami: Huh ... I guess we can call this one a success, then, right, Sarge?
    Tsukiyo: (staring at where Marisa came from) Uh-oh ...
  19. (Exeunt, pursued by EX-Rumia.)
    SFX: Non-youkai-hunter instincts taking over!
    Tsumami: Aaaaaaa!!
    Tsukiyo: Run for it!
    Yukari: (leaning out of a gap) Dammit, Marisa!

1I even stole a joke from Jingo!

All Touhou characters are © Team Shanghai Alice and/or ZUN; create.swf is ⑨ KirbyM with help from Thefre. "Sakura petals" brush in main/4koma logo was made by Kisara Girl. "Falling leaves" brush in 60-Years logo came with Photoshop.

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Kitsune Inari

I guess the relevant Juuten here is 重点, "colon". I fail to get how 暗緑 "dark green" relates to either "Nobbs" or "Cecil Wormsborough St. John", however.
BTW, are the first names puns too?

EDIT: Got it, 抓み Tsumami is "knob".

Dizzy H. Muffin

"Dark green" relates to Midori (green) Inaba. ;3


is it just me, or does Koizumi look like Kenshin Himura without the scar? or i may just be insane.

Dizzy H. Muffin

You are insane, because that's actually Kotohime. :3c


so it seems that i am. eh, not much of a shocker. but my question still stands.

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