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Touhou Original Characters

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A complete list of my original characters, if that wasn't obvious!

Main Timeline

124 GC (2008)-125 GC (2009)

Mika and Midori

Mika Sayomi Inaba Name: 因幡(いなば) 美香(みか) 小夜美(さよみ)
Mika Sayomi Inaba
Species: Youkai rabbit
Abilities: Manipulation of wind in leaves
Occupation: Eientei rabbit
Location: Eientei
  • (before comic 30) Short brown hair, wears a pink dress similar to that of Tewi, has rabbit ears.
  • (after comic 30) As above, except that she has a ribbon at her dress's collar, and her hair is smoother.
  • (comic 71, second form) As above, except that she has fairy-wings.
First Seen: Touhou Nekokayou #17: The Vicious Cycle of Revenge
Midori Inaba Name: 因幡(いなば) (みどり)
Midori Inaba
Species: Youkai rabbit
Abilities: Manipulation of flavors
Occupation: Eientei rabbit
Location: Eientei
  • (before comic 30) Short blond hair, wears a pink dress similar to that of Tewi, has rabbit ears. Smaller than most rabbits.
  • (after comic 30) As above, except that her hair is tied in a ponytail at one side similar to Orange, and she wears a pink scarf.
  • (comic 71, second form) She becomes an Imperishable Night "slave"/"familiar."
First Seen: Touhou Nekokayou #17: The Vicious Cycle of Revenge

Two of the rabbits who live and work in Eientei; they helped Kaguya and Mokou put out a fire in the bamboo forest. Neither of them is particularly bright; Mika is reasonably high up in the rabbit hierarchy, and generally uses her authority to avoid most of her actual responsibilities. Midori is a bit lower down in the rabbit hierarchy, and slightly lazy, but occasionally rather shrewd in a simpleminded sort of way, and quick to point out the holes in Mika's self-justifications. They're often seen together.

Mika and Midori fun facts
  • Mika (美香) means "beautiful fragrance", and Sayomi (小夜美) means "night-born beauty." "Midori" (緑) means green, or greenery.
  • They were originally just a random pair of rabbits who showed up in the "putting out the fire" scene, but eventually they got a names and actual character details, becoming semi-regular characters. She retains no overall plot-significance whatsoever.
  • They got the new character designs in comic #30 in an attempt to make them more distinctive. They were then never seen again for almost 40 comics.
  • There appears to be a real person named Midori Inaba. She is entirely unrelated to this character.

Daisuke Kirisame

Daisuke Kirisame Name: 霧雨(きりさめ) 大輔(だいすけ)
Daisuke Kirisame
Species: Human
Abilities: None to speak of, and proud of it.
Occupation: Store owner
Location: The Kirisame-Ya shop in the Human Village
Description: A tall skinny man with short black hair with one blonde streak. Dresses in a maroon kimono with black highlights. In-comic, the blonde streak and the black highlights are not depicted, and he has white sleeves.
First Seen: A Different Story of an Eastern Wonderland: Chapter 3

Marisa's more-or-less-estranged father, who runs the Kirisame-ya secondhand shop in the Human village. He helped found the Outside Inn, a place where visiting outsiders can stay while they decide whether they want to live in Gensokyo, or return to the Outside as soon as possible (he encourages the latter). He has a generally good-natured personality, and usually tries to see the best in everyone (human) he meets. He is proud of having no magical aptitude whatsoever, and his relationship with his daughter is more than a little strained, both due to her choice of vocation and to her relationship with a youkai. He likes meeting people who won't automatically associate him with Marisa.

Daisuke fun facts
  • "Daisuke" (大輔) means "great help," and it's a fairly common name (in the Outside World, at least).

Tsukiyo Juuten

Tsukiyo Juuten Name: 重点(じゅうてん) 月夜(つきよ)
Tsukiyo Juuten
Species: Human
Abilities: Unknown/none
Occupation: Police sergeant
Location: Human Village
Description: Short blue hair. Dresses in the same kind of robes (police uniform) as Kotohime, except with slightly shorter sleeves, which are also white.
First Seen: Touhou Nekokayou #85 (CSI): Blasting and Entering

Once upon a time, Kotohime decided to start a little police-force. Tsukiyo, one of her friends, decided to join for want of anything better to do. At the time, they didn't really actually do anything, since the Human Village was largely self-policing in all respects, and youkai attacks were handled by youkai hunters. However, Kotohime was a major player during an incident involving two humans from the Outside, and from there the police force has slowly grown in power and influence and size until they grew big enough, technically, that they could arrest the Shrine Maiden if they wanted. It's all quietly gotten away from Tsukiyo, who just wanted something to do; the "what you need to do" has grown somewhat beyond what she was actually prepared to do, though she can just about handle being a police sergeant. Seldom seen without her friend Tsumami. They are collectively called "the Two Tsus" for their names.

Tsukiyo fun facts
  • "Tsukiyo" (月夜) means "moonlit night"; "Juuten" (重点) means an important point, or laying stress on something, or a colon.

Tsumami Anryoku

Tsumami Anryoku Name: 暗緑(あんりおく) 撮み(つまみ)
Tsumami Anryoku
Species: Human
Abilities: Unknown/none
Occupation: Police corporal
Location: Human Village
Description: Short olive-colored hair in two ponytails. Dresses in the same kind of robes (police uniform) as Kotohime, except with slightly shorter sleeves. Slightly shorter than average.
First Seen: Touhou Nekokayou #85 (CSI): Blasting and Entering

Sergeant Tsumami "Mami" Anryoku joined the police force shortly after Kotohime started it, back when it was just a bunch of girls acting Important without actually needing to do much, and she became fast friends with Tsukiyo. Unfortunately, it has gotten big enough that they actually need to do things, so she relies on Tsukiyo to use her rank to allow them to slack off together. She's slightly more shrewd than her counterpart, and occasionally a mild kleptomaniac.

Tsumami fun facts
  • "Tsumami" (撮み) (not to be confused with "tsunami" means a handle, or button, or knob; Anryoku (暗緑) means dark green.

Rin Satsuki

Rin Satsuki Name: 冴月(さつき) (りん)
Rin Satsuki
Species: Youkai, with powers like that of a kirin
Abilities: Manipulation of natural phenomena; healing-powers; creation of gaps, like Yukari
Occupation: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Description: Short blonde hair. Wears a pink blouse and a large red hair-ribbon and a red skirt. Commonly seen carrying an erhu.
First Seen: Touhou Nekokayou #95: Touhou Saisoutensoku #2: Icy You





Rin fun facts
  • The above profile is a reference to an in-character dossier of I-No, the villain of Guilty Gear XX.
  • Rin Satsuki is a character who was originally planned to appear in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, but she was dummied out, and all that remains is a name and two Spell Cards, "Flower Sign" and "Wind Sign," left alone in the code.
  • She shares both of her names with Rin Kaenbyou and Satsuki Hakurei, respectively; the latter case was because I wasn't expecting to actually use Rin Satsuki in my stories.

Rumia Yagami

Rumia Yagami Name: 夜神(やがみ) (ルーミア)
Rumia Yagami
Species: Youkai
Abilities: Apparently a much more refined manipulation of darkness
Occupation: Self-styled villain
Location: Wherever she likes
Description: An older version of Rumia, sans amulet, and with black wings with a dark aura; commonly seen carrying a large black sword.
First Seen: Touhou Nekokayou #4: Deus Ex-Rumia

Apparently, some time ago, Rumia was an extremely powerful youkai, with ambitions for dethroning Yukari's position. At the same time as the events of Mystic Square, she had a fight with Yukari, and the latter won and sealed her away in a much younger and sillier form. She is accidentally freed from time to time, causing a certain amount of annoyance.

In the Fate of 60 Years timeline, she has been permanently released, and has formed Team ❽, a group which appears to be dedicated to sparking conflict with humans and other Good Guys for the sake of making things interesting; it consists of herself, Mima, Yuuka Kazami, and Nue Houjuu, respectively titling themselves the Shining Shadow, the Deathly Dusk, the Horticultural Blackness, and the Chimeric Dark.

EX-Rumia fun facts
  • Her sword is called the Sword of Light and Darkness; it has the ability to become unaffected by light and darkness, thus appearing the same regardless of lighting-level, and Rumia seems to have a measure of control over this ability. Yukari takes it away every time she seals her back up, but once freed, Rumia tends to reacquire it fairly quickly.
  • Team ❽ is a parody of the Midnight Crew from MS Paint Adventures, which consists of Spades Slick, Diamonds Droog, Hearts Boxcars, and Clubs Deuce. (Note the initials of Team ❽'s titles.)
  • Her given name uses the kanji for "light" (a reference to the theory that "Rumia" is a corruption of "Lumia"), and "Yagami" means "night god." This is a reference to Light Yagami, the villainous protagonist of Death Note.

Masha Kinoko

Masha Kinoko Name: 奇野小(きのこ) Маша(ましゃ)
Masha Kinoko
Species: Mushroom youkai
Abilities: Manipulation of fungus; creation of explosions
Location: Forest of Magic
  • (newborn) Shoulder-length red hair, wearing a loosefitting red dress with oversized white sleeves, and a hat stylized to look like a spotted red mushroom-cap.
  • (future-timeline) Red hair with a braid in back, wearing the mushroom cap, a white shirt with a pink bow, a red vest, and a red skirt with white spots with a part on one side.
First Seen: Create.swf Adventures: Shenanigans in a Magical Forest

A magically-infused mushroom that grew in a corner of the Magic Forest that hadn't been visited in years; it became a mushroom-youkai, naming herself Masha Kinoko. She spent a little while after that simply getting a handle on life, although between interference from Yukari and Mima and then the rest of Team ❽, she kept getting startled to bits.

In the future-timeline, she has matured quite a bit, making friends and attending parties at the Hakurei Shrine. She has a bit of a rivalry with Mima, who wants to get back at her for blowing her up on her first meeting. Masha is also apparently now incapable of being startled, but she does sometimes react violently if you try.

Masha fun facts
  • The characters for "kinoko" (奇野小) roughly mean "little strange field." However, it is a pun on the word for "mushroom" (キノコ). "Masha" (Маша) is a Russian name, with multiple possible meanings.
  • Masha is also noteworthy for being the first original character to recieve fanart.
  • Her adult form first appears in an installment of Create.swf Adventures that depicts Alice as pregnant (presumably with Carroll).
  • She is probably the only Original Character in any fandom to recieve an almost universally positive response.

Yasora Kojiwa

Yasora Kojiwa Name: 小皺(こじわ) 八空(やそら)
Yasora Kojiwa
Species: Yatagarasu
Abilities: Manipulation of nuclear fusion and fission.
Occupation: Former Sun God of the Underground, now Evil Voice In Your Head.
Location: Utsuho Reiuji
Description: Long smooth black hair with a white ribbon, long black crow-wings with a cape draped across them, dressed in a white kimono. Has a Third Leg and "elephant's foot," like Utsuho.
First Seen: Touhou Nekokayou #115: Possession Of Your Faculties

One of the many gods, youkai, and demons who joined Yukari in her failed Lunarian Invasion. She was fatally wounded in battle, shortly after realizing that Yukari had actually intended for them to lose. Yukari had tried to save her, but was unable to do so; she didn't realize this at first, and bore a grudge for a time. A thousand years later, Kanako fed Yasora's corpse to Utsuho, and the rest is Subterranean Animism's history. She is rather irritated at Utsuho's perceived stupidity.

In the future-timeline, however, they have settled their differences; Yasora has helped Utsuho to be more intelligent.

Yasora fun facts
  • "Kojiwa" (小皺) literally means "fine wrinkles/crow's feet." The characters for "Yasora" (八空) approximately mean "eight skies," and "sora" sounds vaguely like the Japanese pronunciation of "solar."

Future Timeline

174 GC (2058)-180 GC (2064)

"Old Reimu"

"Old Reimu" Name: 博麗(はくれい) 霊夢(れいむ)
Reimu Hakurei
Species: Human
Abilities: Sealing/purification powers, high intuition, ability to call on the power of Gods, flight, very powerful combat abilities
Occupation: Retired Hakurei Shrine Maiden, Youkai exterminator
Location: Hakurei Shrine
Description: Long white hair with a red bow, dressed in red robes.
First Seen: Touhou Nekokayou #48 (60 Years): Sunset on the Shrine

Reimu Hakurei, in her 70s. She is generally much more relaxed than she was in her younger years, but she has taken enough care of herself that she's still as spry as she was back then (though sometimes she leads enemies into a false sense of security by pretending she isn't). She has a somewhat motherly concern for other characters; sometimes, when she's annoyed with someone, she'll call them a "little boy/girl," on the basis that they appear younger than she is, even if she's talking to a youkai ten times her age.


"Cirno-nee" Name: チルノ
Species: Fairy-youkai, or possibly youkai-fairy
Abilities: Manipulation of ice
Occupation: Still "fairy," more or less
Location: Misty Lake
Description: An older version of Cirno with a blue ribbon, wearing a blue dress with a white long-sleeved blouse and with an orange scarf. She has the usual spikes-of-ice wings as in Touhou Hisoutensoku, but can transform them into much larger angelic-looking ice-wings.
First Seen: Touhou Nekokayou #153: Fairy Wars Fate of 60 Years: Episode ⑨: Fairy to the Empire

Cirno, as a "transcended fairy." She became too powerful, and began to understand death too clearly, and as a result, she became something other than a fairy; she has also matured, and become much less hot-headed. As Shikieiki warned her, this also means that it is in fact possible for her to die permanently; she's therefore a lot more careful. She still has a lot of fairy-like personality traits, though.

Not even she knows precisely what she is or what to do with herself.

Cirno-nee fun facts
  • "Cirno-nee" is an already-existing fan-made variant of Cirno who is older and (presumably) more mature. The scarf isn't mandatory, but seems reasonably common (and its presence sometimes seems to be the only reason an image has been tagged "Cirno-nee" in the first place).

Satsuki Hakurei

Satsuki Hakurei Name: 博麗(はくれい) 皐月(さつき)
Satsuki Hakurei
Species: Human
Abilities: Manipulation of light
Occupation: Hakurei Shrine Maiden
Location: Hakurei Shrine
Description: Long dark-green hair; wears a traditional shrine maiden outfit, and has a red bow in her hair.
First Seen: Touhou Nekokayou #48 (60 Years): Sunset on the Shrine

The shrine maiden after Reimu retired from actively maintaining the Border, though Reimu still does a lot more youkai-hunting than Satsuki does. Reimu found her and adopted her when she was about a year old. She is still fairly inexperienced, and she feels a certain amount of pressure as a result of constantly living in Reimu's shadow. Many other people view her solely as "the Shrine Maiden after Reimu," or as "Reimu's granddaughter."

Satsuki fun facts
  • She was named after Rin Satsuki, though where the kanji for Rin's surname (冴月) seems to be made of the given name "Sae" plus "Tsuki" ("moon"/"month"), Satsuki Hakurei's name (皐月) uses the kanji for the traditional name of the month of May.1 (When I named her, I hadn't known I was going to use Rin Satsuki herself in my stories.)
  • Because she was merely adopted, she cannot use the Hakurei Yin-Yang Orb. Yukari has offered on at least one occasion to fix this (it isn't specified whether she meant changing the Orb or changing Satsuki), but Reimu declined.

Shanghai Margatroid

Shanghai Margatroid Name: 上海(しゃんはい) ・マーガトロイド
Shanghai Margatroid
Species: Independently-Moving doll
Abilities: Magic; puppetry
Occupation: Magician, dollmaker
Location: With her family in the Forest of Magic
Description: Same as Touhou 7.5, except with facial expressions and Touhou 7 fairy-wings.
First Seen: Touhou Nekokayou #60 (60 Years): Family Life

About ten years after they were married, Marisa and Alice finally figured out how to create an Independent Doll (as opposed to merely a tsukumogami); Alice applied the process to Shanghai, and as a result, their first "daughter" was "born." She is somewhat mischievous and quite snarky, and often likes to tease her younger sister (who in turn treats this as another source of fun). Refers to Alice as her mother and Marisa as her "other mother"; as of 179 GC, she is 44 years old, starting from when she attained independence.

Carroll Kirisame

Carroll Kirisame Name: 霧雨(きりさめ) (キャロル)
Carroll Kirisame
Species: Immature youkai-magician
Abilities: Various types of magic
Occupation: Part-time Incident-resolver; schoolgirl
Location: With her family in the Forest of Magic
Description: Short blond hair; wears a purple dress with a matching coat, and short white sleeves. Also wears a headband resembling Alice's.
First Seen: Touhou Nekokayou #60 (60 Years): Family Life

Marisa and Alice devised a spell whereby two women could have a daughter (though they have not disclosed the precise details to either Carroll or Shanghai), and used it to concieve Carroll, born several months after Reimu found Satsuki. She has an overabundance of youthful enthusiasm, and she's sort of a "Marisa-in-training," but she has even less experience than Satsuki; she certainly hasn't mastered Shachuu magic and become a full-fledged youkai magician (as described in Perfect Memento). She has a sort of running joke with Shanghai whereby, in English, Shanghai is referred to as the "big sister" (despite being only doll-sized) and Carroll is referred to as the "little sister."

Carroll fun facts
  • Alice was named after "Alice in Wonderland," so Carroll was named after the author.
  • On the rare occasions when she uses the Japanese form of her name, her given name takes the form of the kanji "Uta" (歌), meaning "song."

Kon Yakumo

Kon Yakumo Name: 八雲(やくも) (こん) / 冥夢(めいむ)
Kon Yakumo / "Meimu"
Species: "Manipulation of Whatever" youkai
Abilities: Manipulation of edges (sort of like manipulation of boundaries, except not as useful); formerly time-travel (removed by future-Yukari)
Occupation: Brat
Location: Wherever Yukari lives
  • (Incident-mode) Lavender hair in a sort of triple-ponytail; wears dark purple robes with red and gold trim, with a matching ribbon in her hair with long streamers on the side.
  • (normal) Same, but with a smaller hair-ribbon; wears a dark purple dress similar to that of Sara with some red and gold on the sleeves.
  • (young) She has shorter hair, and is dressed in a simple sleeveless red dress. There is a red bow in her hair.
First Seen: Touhou Nekokayou #100: Touhou Saisoutensoku #7: What It Means To Be The Strongest

It is not entirely clear how, but Yukari became pregnant and gave birth to a daughter. She was named Kon Yakumo, and she ended up somewhat spoiled and self-centered, calling herself "Meimu" out of jealousy for Reimu's fame; Ran, Chen, and Reimu have done their best to undo the damage, but she still considers herself somewhat "superior." She's a bit touchy about her interference with the Hisou Tensoku incident.

Kon fun facts
  • Meimu is a Chinese fan-made character created when Reimu lost a popularity poll; in that version of her story, Yukari took a formless youkai and created Meimu to be a sort of "evil twin" of Reimu.
  • The kanji for "Meimu" (冥夢) means Dark/Cursed Dream. "Kon" (紺) means "navy blue"; all of the Yakumo family are named after colors. Going by the color spectrum theme with Chen (orange), Ran (indigo), and Yukari (violet), this places her just below Ran.
  • "Kon" is also the noise foxes make in Japanese. This appears to have nothing in particular to do with Ran.

1Which still uses the "Tsuki" kanji.

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Actually it does since Masha does make mushrooms, but she can't make the magic mushrooms. Besides she's kind of like Medicine in a way, but isn't all for a Mushroom Liberation Front though.

Kimiko Muffin

Yeah, making magic mushrooms involves generating magic. She can generate more fungus, but the magic will only continue to spread according to its own rules. (Which may very well be "it spreads instantly along with the fungus," but that'll only be for rare and not-particularly-useful specieseseses.)


Note that clicking the links to other OCs nets a 404.

Kimiko Muffin

's what I get for changing an instance of a string-value from double-quotes to single-quotes, without dealing with an escaped-out double-quote.</technobabble> FIXED~


OK, running the fan characters through Akinator, and...

Masha - He can guess her.
Yasora - Introduced
Kon - Introduced.
Carroll - Introduced (As a side note, his second guess here was Rin. And I don't mean the one from SA, either.)
I won't bother with Rin (becasue, as above, already guessed) or Shanghai (becasue she's almost guaranteed to turn up.)
Satsuki - Introduced
And all that's left are either common fanwork stuff or somewhat generic characters notable only for name.

Kimiko Muffin

Ah, Akinator just got Yasora on the third try. (His first guess was Utsuho and his second guess was "Your Original Character" with a picture of this weird bird muppet.)


You can pretty much blame me for him being able to guess her AT ALL, really... But still, shows the comic's becoming more recognised when the OCs start showing up on sites like that, huh?

Kimiko Muffin

Not really, if we're the ones adding them.

See, the thing is, my stuff really isn't all that popular. There's merely a bunch of people who like it a whole lot. For reference, "I've never heard of Masha Kinoko until now", and with Akinator specifically, Masha's been played 23 times, while Yoshika Miyako has been played 110 times and Kyouko's been played 55 times, despite having been around for a lot less time.

Kimiko Muffin

Also, I've decided that Rumia Yagami's given name should use the kanji for "Light." :3c


...Which I don't get. considering she's the youkai of darkness, after all...

Kimiko Muffin

1. Look at the other addition to her profile.
2. There's a theory that it's supposed to be "Lumia," and ZUN engrishderped again (assuming it's romanized with an R in anything ZUN's done to begin with). Either way, thatisthejoke.jpg

Ninja Steve

I find it mildly hilarious that Cirno achieving a sort of higher existence results in her becoming more mortal.

Kimiko Muffin

Well, it's like the Yama said!

Oh yeah, in addition to adding her, I've done a little bit of tidying up around the place (mostly in the code). And updated Rumia Yagami's relationship with Mima.

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