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Touhou Nekokayou #153: Fairy Wars Fate of 60 Years: Episode ⑨: Fairy to the Empire


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Touhou Nekokayou: Scarlet Weather Archive in Japanese Red #153

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Characters: Old Reimu, Marisa Kirisame, Alice Margatroid, Satsuki Hakurei, Cirno-nee

And so the Fairy War, which began over there, took 60 years to actually finish. And I also finished it on my 26th birthday. And nobody noticed in advance what number this was going to be! I, uh, just had a terrible time coming up with a good parody-name for Heir to the Empire.

So ... I admit the emphasis here is more on Phantasmagoria of Flower View than on Fairy Wars for the most part. This setup has always been how this story arc was going to end, though. I tried to come up with a punnish surname based on "Cirno-nee" (the meme is basically "Cirno-nee = older, mature Cirno," and that's pretty much all there is to it), but since "-nee" is a suffix and surnames come first in Japanese, it really wouldn't work. Anyway, here is her DNA: 3.39:Cirno-nee:100:117:232:271:126:9:0:54:0:116:77:49CAE9

That "looking in each other's eye to see who'd win" thing is actually a reference to Rurouni Kenshin; my original idea for the reference was for it to be Reimu, but since I'm trying to make something which is at least related to Fairy Wars, I went with Marisa, who I figured would work pretty much just as well, and from which the punchline easily follows.

Someday I'm gonna make a better version of Cirno's ice-angel-wings so they actually look like, y'know, actual wings.


  1. (Marisa, Alice, Old Reimu, and Satsuki Hakurei are hanging out in a field at sunset with sakura trees in the background.)
    Old Reimu: Well, the Flower Viewing of 179 was another nice one, but it's getting to be time for us to head back to the Shrine.
    Marisa: Yeah, same here, pretty much.
    Cirno: (off-panel) Hey!
  2. (Cirno flies over, looking older and with long sleeves and an orange scarf.)
    Old Reimu: Well, well, well! I was wondering if you'd come. Here for another one of our duels, are you?
    Cirno: Nope! My business is with the powerful witch-youkai in front of me!
    Marisa: Oh, yeah?
    Alice: Heh ...
  3. (Exeunt Old Reimu and Satsuki; Alice leaves "downward" as Marisa gets out her broom.)
    Marisa: You guys might as well head off, I'll catch up in a li'l bit.
    Old Reimu: Very well. Let's go, Sacchin ...
    Alice: (smirking) Well have fun, you two. SHANGHAI! CARROLL!
    SFX: it's like you have testosterone or something
  4. (Cirno and Marisa square off against the pre-battle interface. Cirno's wings transform into angelic-looking ice-wings.)
    Marisa: Y'know, you were always the only fairy I'd ever thought was pretty good!
    Cirno: And you're probably the first opponent I ever took seriously, even with all my other defeats before!
  5. (Closeup of the two of them facing off against a darker background, with cat-smirks.)
  6. (Wider view of the previous scene; Cirno has lowered her new wings somewhat.)
    Text: .....
  7. (Cirno floats back, laughing.)
    Cirno: Haaaaa, I can't win! I can see through your defenses, but your offense is just too overwhelming!
    Marisa: Heh ... You're still good at bein' unpredictable, though.
  8. (Old Reimu and Satsuki are flying away; Satsuki is looking back downward.)
    Sacchin: ... What the heck just happened?
    Old Reimu: The greatest of warriors don't need to fight. They can just look each other in the eye, and see who would win.
  9. (Back to Cirno and Marisa; Cirno's wings revert.)
    Cirno: Ahhh, that yama was right. I became too powerful, and now ... everything is *different.* Not always in a bad way, but ...
    Marisa: Yeah ... hindsight is just, y'know, *annoyin',* right?
  10. Marisa: But, uh ... Been meanin' to ask. Are you some kinda "fairy-youkai", now? Or ... "youkai-fairy," or, uh ...?
    Cirno: (brightening) Hee, I honestly don't know myself! Has this ever even happened before?
  11. Marisa: I don't even know! Of course ... now I'm wonderin' how the youkai-fairy-youkai would *actually* do.
    Cirno: Hah! So the little face-off wasn't enough, huh? You want a *real* duel?
  12. (The exact same pre-battle interface as before, text and all.)
    Marisa: Yeah, just thinkin' it through's all well and good, buuuuut ...
    Cirno: All right, as long as you don't hold back!
  13. (Marisa blasts Cirno off the screen with a Master Spark (without using her mini-hakkero).)
    Spell Card: Love Sign 「Master Spark -Barehanded-」

All Touhou characters are © Team Shanghai Alice and/or ZUN; create.swf is ⑨ KirbyM with help from Thefre. "Sakura petals" brush in main/4koma logo was made by Kisara Girl. "Falling leaves" brush in 60-Years logo came with Photoshop.

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Wow. I really like Old Cirno a lot. Does this means she's not a ⑨ anymore?


Niko, you should know by now. Some unrevealed event in the intervening years makes ALL characters that were formally ⑨s to become deadpan snarkers.

Also, Cirno wearing a scarf during the springtime must be an important clue muffin has hidden that we should all commence theorizing on kgo.

Alternatively, it could be a stealth pun: along with the hair, it's to warm her head, which has become much cooler in the intervening years.

Dizzy H. Muffin

I realize that the Fate of 60 Years comics have mostly been about what's different, which means that characters who have changed (also OCs) are going to be a bit more prominent than the characters who will be pretty much the same as they are now, but now I'm tempted to make a comic about characters who have stayed as nineballs just to prove you wrong. :3c

The scarf, on the other hand, represents being awesome. (It's just a standard feature of the "Cirno-nee" character-variant for no particular reason, and sometimes it seems that it's all that distinguishes "a picture of Cirno" from "a picture of Cirno-nee.")


Well, that was kind of a nice epilogue. The more things change...


Long-haired Cirno is awesome. Cirno-nee is awesome, period.


I gladly admit that scarf-clad touhous are win. Especially PCB Sakuya.


Heh, I enjoyed the close-up of their faces with the little squiggly in-between their faces. Shoulda had some lightning in the background too, perhaps? Oh well, you can't have/get everything you want at the time you want it, right?
To be honest, I'm not sure I'm that big of a fan when it comes to the whole maturing of characters, but that likely has more to do with me having a hard time letting go of that which I hold dear rather than the characters not being good or interesting in anyway, so don't pay it any heed.
The shenanigan-ending was wonderful though. :3


Awesome. Go Cirno-nee, beat up that hax witch!


Addendum: happy birthday Muffin.


Wow, Cirno's gotten so much smarter, yet still didn't see that coming. :D

Rainy Daze

Heh, Cirno may be the first person to ever say anything from inside a Master Spark.

Whose hair is it that you've used, anyway? When I was making an older Cirno I borrowed Tenshi's... XD

Also created a time paradox in making the picture that was for.

Dizzy H. Muffin

I used "Sariel (2B)" hair.


I like older Cirno more then normal. No clue why, just do.


things that are likely still the same in 60 years.
Reimu: cant lose
Suika: drunk (possibly cant hear you over the sound of her boobs)
Patchouli: still in the library
Mystia: still what's for dinner
Aki sisters: no respect


I'd like to say Cirno-nee looks like a seventeen year old girl, but it sounds really lame by now.

Kaze Koichi

Cirno evolved into... Nineball Seraph?


"Kaze Koichi: Cirno evolved into... Nineball Seraph?"

Wrong. Cirno-nee is the much more elgant, much more mature version of Cirno. Probably much smarter tou, but let's not go overboard here.

Hakurou Musha

Has this ever even happened before?

Where do you think Yuuka came from, nineball? :3


now see, when two flowers love each other very much..

Satsuki Rin

@Hakurou Musha: You know, that might just be a plausible theory. Although, that would mean that A) Yuuka was once a fairy, B) the last time that something like this has happened was an exceedingly long time ago, and C) Cirno will eventually become as powerful as Yuuka, which is quite the frightening thought, now that I considered it.
Also, she has Utsuho for a girlfriend, and that hell raven was powerful after she first obtained her power of the sun. And now that same hell raven has the sun god herself helping her, in addition to whatever level of skill she had gained over the years...

I'm actually glad that Cirno, and likely Utsuho as well, are becoming more civil and stuff... If only because the mere thought of those two on a rampage, well...


Then it would be hax sign [shiny thing] to the rescue!
As for the Yuuka thing, personally I like the theory that she's some sort of summer youkai. Already got some autumn gods, a winter elemental and a spring fairy, and she sure has enough sun motifs.