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Touhou Nekokayou #154: A Swordid Affair

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Touhou Nekokayou: Scarlet Weather Archive in Japanese Red #154

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Characters: Hieda no Akyuu, Youmu Konpaku, Yuyuko Saigyouji

Many many apologies for the delays; I am hereby invoking the "whenever I feel like it" clause which, uh, I'm pretty sure I mentioned on the comic's main page a while ago. But the point is that, as I said in that blog post, I really did not feel like it until now. (I actually made bits and pieces of it over the course of several weeks.1)

So, this idea came from the Touhou thread on the TVTropes forum, which got it from the more-or-less direct quote from Youmu's Perfect Memento article in panel 1. And that's really all there is to say on the matter. Yuyuko's clothes are simply the "Tennis Outfit" which is ... somewhere down there in the list of Bodies.

I played through Ten Desires as Youmu, entirely so I could see what she looked like from behind for the purpose of creating panel 10. It was simpler than I feared, and thus it was a lot more straightforward than it might have been. Mind you, Youmu is wearing swords on her back in 10D, but in this comic, she's in training-mode instead of Incident-mode.

Here is a version of the training-swords depicted in this comic; here is the version that was actually used. As usual, I'd prefer some kind of credit if you use it.

I considered having Yuyuko specifically say "Hooray, I win!" in the last panel, but then I thought "y'know, just like in the entirety of the Fairy Wars storyline," and decided that having her just say "Hooray!" was even sillier. Bah, I'm still not feeling 100%, idk.


  1. (Akyu is writing in her book.)
    Text: Youmu Konpaku
    Text: ... Youmu serves as the gardener for Hakugyokurou in the Netherworld, and is also a live-in sword instructor ...
  2. (Youmu and Yuyuko are standing in Hakugyokurou's courtyard, holding training swords; Yuyuko is wearing a tennis outfit.)
    Youmu: Lady Yuyuko ... *please* try to take this more seriously!
    Yuyuko: Oh, Youmu, you shouldn't worry so much!
  3. Youmu: (angrily) Shouldn't worry so much!? You're wearing that ridiculous ... er ... well, fairly plain outfit Yukari got you, and you're still not holding your training-sword properly!
    Yuyuko: (peering at her sword) Not holding it properly? Hmm, let's see ...
  4. (Yuyuko holds her training-sword by the blade.)
    Yuyuko: Like this?
    Youmu: (irritated sweatdrop) Lady Yuyuko, that is very obviously the exact opposite of what I was talking about.
  5. (Yuyuko goes back to holding it by the handle. Youmu is getting irritated.)
    Youmu: Look, holding a sword in the proper way is literally the very first thing you should have learned!
    Yuyuko: So?
    Youmu: My family has served you for nearly a thousand years!! How could you not have learned even the most basic ...
  6. Youmu: (briefly calm) ... Um ... actually, it occurs to me that it's not really *that* surprising.
    Yuyuko: (cat-smile) Hmm?
  7. (Youmu becomes irate again.)
    Youmu: BUT EVEN SO!!
    Yuyuko: Well, why don't we try a quick spar anyway! You can at least, y'know, show me what you can do!
  8. (Yuyuko gestures with her sword, both hands outstretched.)
    Youmu: ... You want to spar with me even though you can't even hold your sword properly?
    Yuyuko: C'mon! It'll be fun!
    Youmu: "Fun" isn't even the --
  9. (Youmu steps back a bit.)
    Youmu: ... sigh ... Very well, then! Prepare yourself!
    Yuyuko: Hooray! C'mon, come at me, bro! I mean, uh, sis!
  10. (Youmu zooms forward and swings her sword, knocking Yuyuko's sword into the ceiling and sending her stumbling back.)
    Yuyuko: I mean, uh, you know what I mean WAGH!
    SFX: ZIP
    SFX: BAP
  11. (Yuyuko's sword hits the ceiling and embeds itself directly above Youmu's head.)
    SFX: thwobble
    Youmu: (darkly) Impressive. I disarmed you in *one second.* Is that some sort of record?
    Yuyuko: Aheheh ... Nah, uh, your grandmother took half a second, and your father beat me instantly!
  12. (Yuyuko's sword falls and hits Youmu.)
    Youmu: ACK!
    Yuyuko: Hooray!

1I also made a program in C# which had the specific intentions of making it easier to switch between save-files in Create.swf as well as take pictures from it. I am not going to release it yet, however, because it is half-finished at best, and requires that I go in and manually edit most of the settings.

All Touhou characters are © Team Shanghai Alice and/or ZUN; create.swf is ⑨ KirbyM with help from Thefre. "Sakura petals" brush in main/4koma logo was made by Kisara Girl. "Falling leaves" brush in 60-Years logo came with Photoshop.

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Kaze Koichi

Hooray! New comic from Muffin!


I'm wondering if Muffin has watched Revolutionary Girl Utena now.

That's pretty much how Utena defeated Juri.



Anyways, the 'TrainSword54' link is bloke

Ninja Steve

Playing through Ten Desires just for the purpose of making a comic... now that's dedication. Or something.

Dizzy H. Muffin

@Zemyla: Nope, I haven't! I guess it's just a coincidence.

@Kazuko: AAAAAAA NO IT ISN'T! *runs to the edit-button*

@Ninja Steve: Well, also because I'd only played through Reimu's scenario on the English patch, and I wanted to see the others as well. Not like it wasn't worth it, the endings were awesome.


And who says Yuyuko is an airhead? She's a complete chessmaster that would make the cast of Death Note jealous, and this comic proves it.


The ultimate battle strategy: To avoid battle by removing an enemy's will to fight.

Concussions usually work for that.


...Huh, didn't realise ten desired had an english patch yet. There goes all ability to study for exams and finish c++ project @.@


Oh, Yuyuko~ You don't appear near often enough.
This made me laugh and, thus, brightened my day.



Ah, Yuyuko. Proving once again that she's probably among the most canny characters in Gensokyo. She just enjoys being silly far, far more~
(Those wishing for further proof that Yuyuko is actually -really- perceptive, go play Team Netherworld's scenarios in IN.)


Alternatively, her story in IaMP, where she figured out the cause of the mist and went around casually explaining it using a tea analogue. Also her SWR path, where she responds to the incident before anyone else (I believe), by taking advantage of it to making it snow, then trolling the final boss when she reaches the end stage. She's practically the poster girl for Obfuscating Stupidity. Actually, with the addition of ten desires, she seems to be one of the most cluey people in every game she appears in.


That was the most beautiful win I have ever seen. Way to go, Yuyuko!

Henix Aurorus

How to win a sword fight: Do this.

Not even Youmu saw it coming! XD


Just thought of something. Satsuki "sacchan" Hakurei has green hair. Is she part of a Moriya shrine conspiracy?


@DiMastine: nah, it's just Yukari fooling around again with Eirin's shady new magic drug