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Touhou Nekokayou #151: Fairy Wars Extra Stage 1: Dork Farce Rising


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Touhou Nekokayou: Scarlet Weather Archive in Japanese Red #151

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Characters: Cirno, Marisa Kirisame

The fairy war, which began here, has now spilled over onto humans. I am using the titles from the Thrawn trilogy out of order. We wil perhaps run into a much more perilous human next week! Also, the opening crawl again! Also-also, I apologize for not having something prepared for September 9 (i.e. ⑨/⑨), but I really don't pay any attention to dates.1 Yes, I am American, so whatever. Also, I have managed to sneak in a few more seventeens, mostly in the "number of words and/or letters" department!

Upholding my promise of not derailing the game's storyline with any of my OCs, I am instead derailing the game's storyline with my shipping. The only reason you should be surprised by this is if you weren't paying attention to the appearance of her wings, the timeline, or discussions about the chronology in the comments.2 Regardless, it manages to be closer to what was actually in the game itself than the entire storyline up to now.

I figure Marisa is genre-savvy enough to stop a "Who's On First"/"Batman's a scientist" routine when she sees it coming. The "Did you eats something weird?" "I DID!!" is pretty much taken directly from the game's dialogue.

The thing about Marisa is, compared to fairies, she's pretty much Darth Vader and the Death Star. The game "scales up" the amount of danmaku because the main character is a fairy — there's not really that many bullets, ZUN just programmed in that many to make it easier to use the "freeze bullets" mechanic — and on that scale, stage-4-boss Marisa is an Extra Boss. And we all remember what happened the first time they met.

Hmm. I'm mildly concerned that the joke in Cirno's line in the last panel might be a bit too meta and/or obscure. Ah well, see you next week.


  1. (Marisa is flying along in the vicinity of a cherry tree at night. Cirno approaches from the other direction.)
    Marisa: Ooh boy oh boy oh boy, I'm finally goin' out with Alice!
  2. Marisa: (smirking) ... Didja eat somethin' weird or somethin', kid?
    Cirno: YES I DID! I beat all the fairies! I'm not a 9 or a 17, but 9 *times* 17, and I dunno what that is! I'm so pumped up, even fighting a great big youkai is gonna be a piece of cake!!
  3. (Cirno produces a piece of paper and holds it out to Marisa.)
    Cirno: Also I found this note, but I dunno what it says cuz it's in English.
    Marisa: .....
  4. (Marisa reads the note.)
    Text: Dear Alice, I think I'm crushin' on ya! Wanna go out on a date? Love, Marisa!
    Marisa: ... yeah, uh, it woulda been nice to know where this note had gone, y'know, a little *earlier.*
    Cirno: Huh? What's it say?
  5. (Marisa tosses away the paper, which is now crumpled up.)
    Marisa: Oh, I just wrote a note to Alice askin' her out, but a fairy stole it, an' we ended up kissin' anyway.
    Cirno: What? You kissed a fairy?
  6. Marisa: Uh, no. A fairy stole the note, and then I kissed Alice. Those are two different things, before this goes anywhere else.
    Cirno: Ah, kay. WELL I'M GONNA CHALLENGE YOU!!
  7. Marisa: (goofy grin) What, challenge me fer goin' out with Alice? (aside) Yeah, I'm kinda one-track mind right now ...
    Cirno: (waving her arms at Marisa) Nonononono! I just wanna fight you! And I'll beat you by wiping that grin off your face, cuz now I know how to FREEZE BULLETS!
  8. (Marisa smirks as Cirno hesitates.)
    Cirno: ... though, um ... I can't freeze lasers or fire ... um ... and I *can* deflect lasers with my sword, but not big ones ...
  9. (Marisa's grin becomes more nasty. Cirno becomes worried.)
    Cirno: ... and ... um ... you use lots of big lasers, don't you? You *do* use big lasers. I'm kinda remembering what happened the first time we met ...
  10. (Pre-battle interface. Marisa has a starry-eyed cat-smirk.)
    Marisa: Whaddaya say I only use lasers that just zap yer motivation instead of blastin' you to bits.
    Cirno: (grinning nervously) This is still gonna hurt so much I'm going to be feeling it next week, isn't it?
    Caption: To be concluded next week!

1KirbyM's birthday notwithstanding.

2Fairy Wars canonically takes place in spring of 2008, which is about the same time as the first few comics. Yes, I'm aware that I put Scarlet Weather Rhapsody at the wrong chronological point. I'm tired of doing more retcons to the damn thing, especially given the number of things I've done which sort of assume that SWR has already happened by that time, and nothing about SWR itself particularly requires that Subterranean Animism has already happened.

All Touhou characters are © Team Shanghai Alice and/or ZUN; create.swf is ⑨ KirbyM with help from Thefre. "Sakura petals" brush in main/4koma logo was made by Kisara Girl. "Falling leaves" brush in 60-Years logo came with Photoshop.

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Divisibility by 7 can be checked by taking the least significant digit, multiply it by 2 and substract it from the number sans the least significant digit. Repeat until you recognize a number that's either divisible or not divisible 7.

Huh, tha's new to me.
I usually do it by removing the last digit, multiplying the rest by three, and adding said digit to the product. That way you don't end up with negatives.

Yeah, I was gonna comment that this is pretty much the part where it's simpler to just get out your calculator.

Or you can do that.


Since when did we drift into a math arguement here, but then again I'm supprised that the Baka Fairy can casue soemthing like this. Although now that I think about it she did have her own Perfect Math Class at one point.

Spirit Tsunami

The one who says "baka" is the baka!

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