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List of romantic pairings in Touhou Nekokayou in order of canonical plausibility

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I have decided that somewhere, I ought to keep track of the various romantic parings in the universe of Touhou Nekokayou: Scarlet Weather Archive in Japanese Red and related fanfic. They will each be accompanied by a rating of how plausible the pairing is with respect to canon, on a scale of 1 to 15, with 15 being "explicitly present in canon" and 1 being "all right, now you're just using a random-relationship-generator"; my reasoning for pairing a given two characters; and a numerical rating of how much I like the particular pairing (more for the purposes of sorting than anything else, but if the rating is above 60 or so, I actively dislike seeing the characters with anyone else ... usually). Because Touhou is canonically devoid of romance, the numbers in the Canonical Plausibility Rating are placed as if the scale was from 1 to 10.

It is worth noting that Alice/Marisa comes first no matter what you're sorting by, apart from "alphabetically/right-partner."


Sort by: Canonical Plausibility Rating Muffin's Preference Weight Alphabetically (partner on left) Alphabetically (partner on right)

  • Alice MargatroidMarisa Kirisame (First Appearance)
    • Canonical Plausibility Rating: 9; they interact a lot given that they are pretty much neighbors in the Forest of Magic, they share a bed while waiting for morning in their Bad Ending of Imperishable Night, and then of course there's the sheer weight of fanon.
    • Muffin's Preference Rating: 1006
    • Nature of relationship: Mutual lovey-dovey-ness, sometimes overprotective. They are married with kids in the "Fate of 60 Years" stories
    • Sex: Yes
    • This was concieved after encountering one too many "Alice is lonely because nobody evidently cares about her" scenes, on KirbyM's site and elsewhere. I was like ... "screw that." Muffin haet buttmonkeys. That said, my continual failures at finding the kind of thing I actually like have essentially destroyed my appreciation for the pairing outside my own creations; I probably wouldn't even be able to enjoy it if I did find something that was within my nominal tastes. :<
  • Youmu KonpakuYuyuko Saigyouji (First Appearance)
    • Canonical Plausibility Rating: 7; They live together, and one of them is fiercely loyal to the other.
    • Muffin's Preference Rating: 30
    • Nature of relationship: Mistress and slave servant
    • Sex: Indeed!
    • It's one of the "standard pairings" that you can find almost anywhere. Also, I just wanted to make one of my many horrendous puns.
  • Hong MeilingSakuya Izayoi (First Appearance)
    • Canonical Plausibility Rating: 5.6; they live together, more or less, although there are reasons why their respective "professional" schedules would get in the way of each other. Mind you, you could also make the case that this would make them more interested in each other's "unprofessional" schedules. That said, you don't get a live-in job without at least becoming friends with others who live-in the same place.
      Hmm. That's actually pretty high for this list. Better make it 6.6, then.
    • Muffin's Preference Rating: 4
    • Nature of relationship: *sings* "This is a loyalty you might as well call love ..." Um, anyway, it seems to be mostly more relaxed than the other pairings, yet formalized. It's also not entirely clear when they started, either, except that there was a hint of it in Philosophy of a Hated Person.
    • Sex: No indication yet one way or the other
    • Eh, just another of the "standard pairings", I guess. I was also considering Sakuya/Remilia, but, well, I decided that, notwithstanding the fact that I'm shipping characters in the first place, anyone/Remilia would be somewhat unlikely given her personality (or at least my depiction thereof), and a friend of mine who really likes Sakuya/Meiling pushed me over the edge (not necessarily in that order).
  • Rinnosuke MorichikaTokiko (First Appearance)
    • Canonical Plausibility Rating: 4.9; they were introduced not only in the same out-of-game work, but in the same chapter! It's also canonical that they often spend time interacting, which is to say bickering.
    • Muffin's Preference Rating: 5
    • Nature of relationship: They already act like a married couple, as it were.
    • Sex: No(t yet?)
    • Since I'm going to ship them, I have no choice but to say "it's the kind of bickering that you know will end up with wedding bells." Takahashi Couple, anyone? (No, they're not going to have kids.)
  • Reimu HakureiSanae Kochiya (First Appearance)
    • Canonical Plausibility Rating: 4.4; they're both shrine maidens, and they're both player characters, and there's probably some friendship going on there.
    • Muffin's Preference Rating: 5
    • Nature of relationship: Just going out with each other; a "sure, why not?" sort of relationship.
    • Sex: Probably not
    • As it says in the annotations, it was decided on the spur of the moment with a sort of "sure, why not?" attitude, while I was considering "who to ship next" after I'd gotten done establishing Alice/Marisa and Mokou/Kaguya, which exist on opposite ends of the plausibility list. I figure, they're both shrine-maidens, so ... yeah. Their relationship would certaily be less passionate than either.
  • Flandre ScarletKoishi Komeiji (First Appearance)
    • Canonical Plausibility Rating: 4; I dunno, Koishi gets everywhere, I guess. And this takes place after Flandre's been having not-blowing-people-up lessons from Kaguya and Mokou, too, not that this affects the canonical plausibility.
    • Muffin's Preference Rating: 40
    • Nature of relationship: Some sort of puppy love, I guess; acting cute with (and at) each other.
    • Sex: Yes, though Flandre needed to have it explained to her first (and they only do it when Flandre is in her older form) ...
    • The younger sister of the mistress of a mansion, she is widely feared for her "special ability," not to mention that she's much more powerful than her sister. She becomes the EX-Boss of the first game she appears in after discovering that Reimu and/or Marisa defeated her sister in combat, and faces them while they were expecting to do something else. Now ... am I talking about Koishi, or Flandre?1 Also, I came to the conclusion that they are both lonely girls who need snuggles, and decided that this would kill two birds with one danmaku-bullet. (Plus, lots of other people were doing it, too!)
  • Parsee MizuhashiYuugi Hoshiguma (First Appearance)
    • Canonical Plausibility Rating: 3; well, they exist in the same "region" of Gensokyo ...
    • Muffin's Preference Rating: 20
    • Nature of relationship: Yuugi drags Parsee around on dates while Parsee tries desperately not to get jealous of every damn thing.
    • Sex: No indication yet one way or the other
    • Another "standard pairing," I guess. Since I haven't stated it anywhere else yet, Yuugi chose Parsee while drunk, and has been attacking the problem, in typical oni fashion, through SHEER PERSISTENCE.
  • Fujiwara no MokouKaguya Houraisan (First Appearance)
    • Canonical Plausibility Rating: Somewhere between 0 and 4, I guess, depending on how you interpret some elements of canon; see also KennyMan666's comments below. For code purposes, I'll put it in the middle, at 2.
    • Muffin's Preference Rating: 100
    • Nature of relationship: Rather awkward and uncertain on Mokou's part (since she hadn't experienced a whole lot of affection from anyone ever since she drank the Elixir), but somewhat fiercely intense about it in the bits that aren't awkward and uncertain; much more enthusiastic on Kaguya's part. They are married by the time of the future-comics; Mokou has taken Kaguya's surname by that time.
    • Sex: Yes, implied
    • This was mostly done for the lulz, given that canonically, they want to kill each other (or at least ... Mokou wants to kill Kaguya. I kinda have a hard time seeing Kaguya as having an agressive bone in her body; she's probably just being obliging, since she knows neither of them can do anything permanent to each other except take each other's virginity). The chapters of Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth2 in which Mokou acts flagrantly tsundere hadn't been translated or indeed even written yet. And let's face it, it's much easier to go from hatred to love than from apathy to either one, especially if you have a vampire manipulating your fate. Also, I'll be honest here: I like that kind of "conflict stopping, thus resulting in a Happy Ending" kinda thing. There probably isn't a whole lot more rational reason for me liking it.
  • CirnoUtsuho Reiuji (First Appearance)
    • Canonical Plausibility Rating: 1; they interact with each other at least once in canon, but any rational reaction to this pairing would have to be "How does this even make SENSE!?"
    • Muffin's Preference Rating: 9 (hey, I had to put that number somewhere)
    • Nature of relationship: THE STRONGEST.
    • Sex: No.
    • Two puns: COLD FUSION, and ⑥⑨.

Other Quadrants

  • Fujiwara no MokouKaguya Houraisan - kismesissitude (First Appearance)
    • Canonical Plausibility Rating: 15
    • Canon, yo. It ends in that story, but ...
  • Remilia ScarletFujiwara no Mokou / Kaguya Houraisan - auspisticism (First Appearance)
    • I'll be honest, I suppose there could have been a more "natural" way of getting them together, especially since I (later) established that Mokou had been attracted to Kaguya to begin with, but I guess I just wanted to cram in another "JUST AS PLANNED" joke when I wrote that. I seriously need to rewrite that story ...
  • CirnoDaiyousei - moirallegiance (First Direct Appearance)
    • Daiyousei was already friends with Cirno, and because of the latter's ... behavior, Daiyousei felt the need to help keep her under control and keep her out of trouble.

Pairings Which Don't Count

1Answer: Koishi. Flandre didn't "discover" Remilia's defeat, she heard it from downstairs!

2Which I choose to see as "canonical enough."

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Kaze Koichi

Thanks for clearing it up. I, however, just stated that they are my favourite pair. I didn't intend to ask you to make them a canon pairing in your comic. My own imagination is enough for me.

Formica Archonis

Well, the thing about that is, Yasora is fundamentally an original character, and as I said on Ask Masha, shipping and OCs are each controversial enough by themselves that if I ever do both at once, it's only going to be with each other.

Ask Masha? There's a Tumblr? I did not know; my natural obliviousness seems to have won the day.


... oh my God she's got an ahoge.

Kimiko Muffin

/ Modified by Kimiko Muffin:

A Mashahoge.

I ought to actually make a page for that here ... EDIT: there.

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