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Summernight Dreamed

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I might as well have a link to it on the site itself.

So, I decided to go down the following line of reasoning: if Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff (warning, the site contains slightly NSFW content) looks shitty when drawn by an actual skilled artist, imagine what something like that would be like if it was made by someone who can't draw! However, I didn't want to just repeat SBaHJ (though I've done that, too), and it's really easy to make the "two guys on a couch" formula unbelievably shitty — though to be fair, SBaHJ fits the formula for precisely one panel — so I decided to make Shakespeare shitty instead. The goal was to create something which is considerably worse than the result of a mere failed attempt on my part. I present to you: Summernight Dreamed.

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I'm not sure what result you were going/hoping for... but to me at least, that looks less shitty than SBaHJ.

Also, the title of #6 amused me. (Although I'm maybe more used to seeing it the other way around...)

Dizzy H. Muffin

I think the main reason it might look less shitty than SBaHJ is 1. it's at least aware of things like "continuity," 2. it doesn't copy and paste elements from previous panels, and 3. it doesn't go overboard with JPEG artifacts. So yeah.


It's also more correctly spelled and with less typos, and uses actual speech balloons (or tries to). Its panel layout, though deformed, is still fairly standard.

There are also other tricks than mere JPEG artefacts that are not used, such as images zoomed in a "blurry pixel" way, or tricks only available to a big image editor like GIMP (such as weird layer compositions).