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Sleep Spell


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It was just one of those pretty days in spring.

Marisa was sitting against a tree outside Alice's house. While normally rambunctious and hyperactive, she was now sitting perfectly still, and had been for nearly fifteen minutes.

This was because Alice was snuggled up against her, asleep.

Marisa smiled down at her girlfriend, her left arm wrapped around her shoulders. It looked like Alice could get Marisa to do anything — including sitting perfectly still for five minutes, let alone fifteen.

She glanced at Shanghai, who was hovering nearby and holding up a pocketwatch that was approximately as big as she was. Okay, another five minutes had gone by; she concentrated, examining the spell she'd put on her at the beginning of Alice's nap. Yep, everything still seemed to be going just fine, and no major bugs yet.

She stroked Alice's hair gently, then sat back and relaxed. Damn, this was a good day. Especially since their magical studies had literally resulted in Alice curled up asleep next to her.

The quiet sounds of a forest in springtime filled the air, along with Alice's soft breathing.

Marisa looked up as someone arrived by air. There weren't many paths in the Magic Forest — or at least, not many continuous paths that were at ground level. Actually, there were plenty, but if you were standing on the ground you couldn't see them unless you were twenty feet tall. As a result, people generally flew through the forest.

Anyway, the visitor was Patchouli Knowledge, who hesitated as she saw the two against the tree. Marisa smiled and put a finger to her lips, then pointed at Alice. No sense in ruining the moment and upsetting Alice by startling her awake.

Patchouli nodded and blushed faintly, turning away with the apparent intentions of leaving again. Then suddenly she turned back around with a frown, peered at Alice, then flipped open her book and recited a spell. Alice and Marisa were abruplty thrown into the air by an Earth-elemental spell which burst from the ground beneath them.

"Ow! What'd you do that for!?" yelled Marisa, scrambling to her feet.

Alice was startled awake. "Nhhh ... wha ... What the hell ...?" She rubbed her eyes.

"Marisa Kirisame," Patchouli smouldered, "I knew your character was dubious, but what you have done now is unforgiveable!"

"The hell you talking about!?" said Marisa. "I was just snugglin' with Alice here —"

Patchouli pointedly turned away from Marisa and faced Alice. "Alice," she said, "Marisa put a spell on you! A sleep-spell!"

"I know that!" snapped Alice. "We were testing out an anti-insomnia spell!"

This startled Patchouli. "Er ... but ... if it fell into the wrong ..."

"It doesn't freaking work unless the target wants to be asleep, you ignorhinoceros!" said Marisa. "Here, like this!" She snapped her fingers, and a sparkle of light briefly surrounded Patchouli's head.

Patchouli flinched back, then blinked, blushing in embarassment. "Er ... oh!" she said. "Er ... sorry, I, um."

"Yeah, yeah," said Marisa, rolling her eyes. "Marisa put a spell on Alice, so obviously she must be up ta no good, ze! It didn't even occur to you that it might be voluntary on Alice's part!?"

"Er." Flustered, Patchouli hurriedly took off and flew away.

Alice sighed, glancing at Shanghai. "Well ... there's the past twenty minutes or so ruined ..."

"Eh. We know that you can still wake up in emergencies." Marisa shrugged. "Well, we could always start again." She grinned at Alice. "Unless you wanna switch places. I mean, it is mostly meant to be used on humans, ze ..."

Alice blushed faintly and smiled. "That works, too ..."

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You're right, Alice does work as a non-tsundere (not that it's going to make me dislike the tsundere version too).