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The Reisen for the Bullet-Shape


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Reisen heard the bickering as soon as she stepped into the hallway, and looked sidelong at the two youkai rabbits in front of her.

"You ask her!"

"No, Mika, you ask her!"

"No, you ask her!"

"No you ask her!"

"C'mon, Midori —"

"Well you're the one who wants to know!"

Reisen cleared her throat to attract the attention of the boke-and-lesser-of-two-bokes. "Ask who what?" she said.

The two looked slightly guilty. "Oh, uh, Miss Reisen!" said Mika. "We ... just wanted to talk to you!"

"Um, right!" said Midori. "Mika has a question for you?"

Reisen turned her full attention to Mika, arching an eyebrow. "Oh?"

"Yeah, aheh." Mika looked nervous, poking her pointer-fingers together. "It's ... well, um, I'm curious about why your, um, danmaku-bullets were shaped the way they are."

"Oh, I see," said Reisen, wondering why they were so nervous, but she certainly knew how to answer the question. "Well ... heh, this goes back to right after I left the moon," she said, smiling. "When I first heard about danmaku, I thought 'bullets' meant bullets from a gun." She laughed. "The moon's weapons certainly can fire enough bullets to look like danmaku ..." She raised her right hand and held it in an imitation of a handgun. "Pyu!" she said, creating an illusory semitransparent bullet.

This seemed to puzzle the two youkai rabbits for a moment, then Midori said, "Oh, I see!"

"Huh? ... Oh! Right!" said Mika, smacking her forehead. "Aheh ... I thought, uh ... er ..."

Eirin poked her head into the hallway at the sound of all the commotion, stared, then went and looked for Tewi.

"I suppose you have a startlingly good explanation for why Reisen is chasing after Mika and Midori, firing individual danmaku-bullets at their backsides?" she said.

Tewi looked confused for a brief instant, and then radiated innocence. "Uh ... I'd say it's probably because they asked her why her bullets look like suppositories ..."

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Beta Maxis

That was BEYOND comic gold.