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Everywhere Quest #0023: Ground Zero Number One


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> you..can generate capabilities?

Yeah, it was listed on the character sheet, under Perks.

> Craft yourself a magic weapon.

You make a note to do so when you actually have a crafting table, alchimeter, or black-market hardware store salesman in front of you.

> Head toward the epicenter of this chaos.
> Go to the flames, calling out the Baller.

Well, okay, they're only a few scattered fires, not a continuous inferno. The actual center isn't too hard to find, though. There's a long pier jutting out to the ocean with some sort of greenish light at the end. You walk forward, and open your mouth to call out, but you quickly realize it isn't Jenny Nowhere over there.

Said greenish light is caused by a man sitting crosslegged at the edge of the ruined pier, facing away from you and levitating a few inches above the ground. He has sandy brown hair, and he's wearing what looks like a strait jacket with its hands free, and with an upside-down cross painted on the back with phosphorescent paint; there's an eerie green glow seemingly coming from underneath it, too. He half turns to face you, and you see that he's wearing a stylized skull mask, y'know, the kind with vertical lines for teeth instead of a lower jaw, like the Punisher, except shaped kinda more like a mask from Darksiders.

Prayer's Mania nods to you in greeting.

Hey there.

> _

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>While we want this "game" to just be over already, we should (reluctantly) ask what he plans to make us do next. Also: Ask about his win ratio, just to get that note out of the way.


Let's... get the obvious question out of the way.

>This your handiwork, or you just enjoying the scenery?


>"So we finally meet, for the last time!"