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Everywhere Quest #0004: The Character Sheet

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> Do you have a high perception stat that you can use "against" him as well?

You suppose "Brains" is your most appropriate appropriate capability, with "Detective" as a fallback, but you decide to look over your entire character sheet for good measure.

Jenny Everywhere
- Plainclothes-superheroine, interdimensional traveller, coolkid, and Le Tigre fan.
- Personality traits: confident, good body-image, excitable, passionate, attentive, curious, caring. Favorite food: toast.

- Brains: 16 (tier 3)
- Brawn: 10 (tier 2)
- Agility: 13 (tier 3)
- Pulchritude: 19 (tier 4)
- General Competence: 15 (tier 3)

- Dimensional Shifting: 15 (tier 3)
- Scrappy Fightin': 13 (tier 3)
- Detective: 14 (tier 3)
- SCIENCE: 6 (tier 1)

- Exists in all possible universes, and can access knowledge and memories of other alternate Jenny Everywheres.
- Ready smile
- Loads of confidence
- Zany backstory: as long as it doesn't contradict anything already established, a new Capability or Perk may be freely added. This can be done up to 6 times.

- Immature
- Irresistable urge to get involved
- Currently taking commands from the internet on three different message boards with little to no overlap between them

Alignment Scores:
- Good: 100% / Evil: 3%
- Lawful: 44% / Chaotic: 66%
- Light Side: 100% / Dark Size: 0%
- Mauve: 6% / Tastes Like Orange Tang: 17%
- And many more ...

You were going for a build that mostly gets by on brains rather than brawn, because you found that it was a lot more satisfying, and helps you avoid unnecessary ... well, stupidity. Which isn't to say you couldn't fight off a horde of genetically-engineered corporate cyborg ninjas if the need arose, but that's not as big a focus for this particular version of you. (SCIENCE seemed useful at the time, but it didn't really end up taking you anywhere your Brains and Pulchritude couldn't do better, so it's sort of languished.) In any case, you couldn't resist raising your Pulchritude to literally superhuman levels; afterward, there really wasn't anywhere to go except "coolkid."

Oh yeah, you've garnered a million different Alignment Scores from different universes with different morality-systems. (You didn't spend much time in the one with Mauve/Tastes Like Orange Tang.) You could probably work off those Evil Points really easily, but it's only 3%, and anyway you still think that what you did was totally worth it (which is 97% of the reason you still have them).

Since Detective is the lower of the two levels, you roll for Brains: <5><4> + 16 = 25

You conclude that the Mercenary Consortium has essentially no morals, but if Slinus is anything to go by, they do have standards. You have no reason to doubt what he said earlier, either; the Consortium probably works for both good guys and bad guys, though obviously it'd be for different reasons. Slinus himself, well, he doesn't seem to have that much Pulchritude, but ...

"You look pretty sharp compared to most mercenaries I've seen," you remark. "You in a more people-oriented position?"

Slinus grins. "I got no problem gettin' my hands dirty," he says. "'S why they sent me to check you out. But I do plenty more negotiations 'n' information-brokerin' than some o' my co-workers, yeah."

> Check inventory. Gotta make sure we have everything we need.

Goggles: check. Scarf: check. Wallet, iPhone, towel: check, check, check.

> Come to think of it, what kind of currency do the locals use, and how can you get some? Might want to ask before he turns us out to fend for ourselves.

You made sure you landed in a reality that uses American dollars. (The economic and legal issues associated with transporting currency from one alternate reality to another is an exercise left to a more realistic adventure.) You currently have enough cash to carry you through a week before you need to return to your home dimension.

> Inquire about how much B-ball energy has been detected in the region lately.

"Been keeping track of B-ball energy levels?" you ask.

Slinus frowns. "Yeah, we heard about what happened in that other universe. Damn shame. We added checkin' on B-ball energy to our standin' contract with the city to keep a lookout for anythin' that'd ... well, that'd threaten us as much as everythin' else. So far, though, we got nothin', fortunately. 'Part from the usual spike whenever there's a game in town, anyway, but even then, we ain't even seen anyone who can pull off a Chaos Dunk."

You're about halfway to the ground floor.

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>Make small talk.


>Hmmm... might want to ask about the currency anyway. Not only can "dollar" refer to different years (and exchange rates)- which could get awkward if you try to spend money with a date 50 or so years ahead of the local calendar- but it could refer to the CONFEDERATE dollar rather than the U.S. Exact words, you know.