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Everywhere Quest #0005: In Which An Elevator Descends


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> Hmmm... might want to ask about the currency anyway. Not only can "dollar" refer to different years (and exchange rates)- which could get awkward if you try to spend money with a date 50 or so years ahead of the local calendar- but it could refer to the CONFEDERATE dollar rather than the U.S. Exact words, you know.

Nah, it's good, you got this.

> What would raise our Tastes Like Orange Tang levels? This is important.

Yeah, how about no. You had enough trouble wrapping your head around the physical rules in that particular universe, much less the ethical ones. You're not even sure how you got those scores.

> Ask about that "Fin Dining" place mentioned before.

"So, you mentioned a place called Fin Dining?"

Slinus grins. "Damn good seafood place," he says. "It's right down the street, just head off toward the harbor. Not a fan of puns like that, but the quality 'n' the service more than makes up for it. Price ain't bad, too, they got just the best $10 specials."

"Well, I guess I know where I'm having dinner," you say.

After another moment, the elevator reaches the bottom floor. The lobby is dimly-lit and somewhat disheveled, in a way that suggests that the intention is to feel unwelcoming. There's a bored-looking young man at the front desk; he nods as you and Slinus walk by. You're pretty sure that there are others, lurking in the shadows.

"One more thing," says Slinus as you step out into the city. "There's a new guy in town — goes by Prayer's Mania. He's a real asshole, a hunnerd percent killer, he don't need a reason to off some'un, just an excuse. And he's got these weird psychic powers, like, reading peoples' minds to dodge anything they throw at 'im."

"I can deal with mind-readers," you say. "The way you phrased it, though, you've made it pretty much inevitable that I'm gonna run into him at some point."

Slinus snorts. "You just watch yer back, arright? See you on th' other side."

You wave, and he reenters the building, presumably to put in some sort of report about you. You were probably under constant surveillance while you were inside, though. Whatever, you're just glad to be out of there.

You are now on street level in Brighton City, in front of the Mercenary Consortium's building, facing north. Fin Dining is presumably somewhere off your right. It's bustling, with rush hour on the downswing but still in full force, and it makes you glad you're on foot. What will you do next?

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>Go to restaurant. Keep an eye out for serial killers on the way, and while eating.