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Everywhere Quest #0021: Order Dry


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> Kind of begrudgingly nudge Hal.

You catch her eye, and she shakes her head. Nah, you're not going there.

> Jenny: Save Game.

The game exclusively uses autosave, so this isn't necessary.

> Jenny: Try thinking of the next place to go, while saying "So, what is YOUR real business with me, recruit me, assist me, or simply coincidence (hardly possible) that you guys are here?" to them.

Slinus says, "Yo, a rampagin' Gear is officially 'a threat to the city', an' HQ's closer to the beach than anyone else right now. I mean, 'cept you, but nobody knows you're here yet 'cept us."

Cheryl turns back to the group. "Two Gears showed up on the west side, right as B-Gator was jumping out of the water." she says. "They're the competent kind, too. One's unmanned, the other's piloted by Doctor Devilish," and she nodds to Richard Devilish, Jr., "who was saying, and I quote, 'This attack is totally my own idea, Prayer's Mania didn't give me the excuse at all.'"

"Soooo ... why'm I not over there?" snaps Richard Devilish, Jr.

"You fuckin' suck at talkin' yer dad down," says Slinus.

"EXCUSE me?" barks Richard Devilish, Jr., adopting a confrontational pose.

"Whoa!" exclaims Cheryl, pointing back towards the boardwalk. "Surge of negative b-ball energy! It's up to sixty-one point seventeen —"

There's a huge flash of light from the direction she's pointing. It's big — you can see part of a ferris wheel sticking out of it. A second later the shockwave hits, nearly knocking you off your feet. You can hear Richard Devilish, Jr. swearing behind you, several feet behind where he was a moment ago.

The blast doesn't look like a fireball, though. No, it looks more like a basketball.

After a moment, the glow and the rumbling fades away. You can hear crashing off in the distance from the aftershocks and settling debris.

"Well, lucky us you didn't have a chance to finish that sentence," says Hal. "If it had built up to even twice that level ..."

"We bein' paid to handle a Chaos Dunk?" asks Slinus. Richard Devilish, Jr. mutters as he gets back to his feet and puts his hat back on. Cheryl looks mildly ill.

"Nope," says Hal. "Let's head back to HQ. Later, Everywhere." The Million Cents turn to leave without another word.

OK, you've successfully thought of where you might go next.

> _

In other news, I have decided to reuse an IRC channel I was doing literally nothing else with. The official Everywhere Quest channel is now, channel #nekokayou (webchat)

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>Are we in risk of Negative B-ball Proton radiation poisoning? Do we need shelter?

>Head toward Chaos Dunk. Seems like a terrible idea as any.