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Everywhere Quest #0020: The Next Step


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> Generate new capability: Crafting

First, you roll to get the Tier: <6><1> ÷ 4 (rounding up) = 2. You then roll to get the level within that Tier: <3><4> ÷ 4 (rounding up) = 2. You gain the Capability Crafting at level 8.

> Jenny: Ask about themselves and about MCHQ for more information and negate suspicion.

You don't think they're specifically suspicious about you, particularly since they're even more likely to arouse suspicions than you are, but, "So ... anything else I should know about you guys, or HQ?" you ask.

Hal gives you a lopsided smirk. "Information costs money," she says. "Unless you were thinking of hiring us; in that case, most of the time you phrase the request in terms of the problem you want solved, which goes through Mercenary Consortium's HQ, and they decide who gets put on the job."

> "So where would you get one of these things? Can't imagine they're available at the local hardware store. ...Are they?"

"What, a Mechazaud?" says Hal. "Or do you mean the magic parts? They're both controlled by the military. Though if you're looking for ... something to put around your yard," adds says, gesturing towards the scrap you've already picked up, "well, that isn't exactly 'information' by the definition I used before."

It takes you one second to realize she means a fence. "Okay, how many times do people not get that?"

"I don't expect them to, I save it for special occasions like this," says Hal.

"We're gonna get along like a house on fire, aren't we?" you say sarcastically, but smoothly.

Hal grins unpleasantly. "Oh yeah," she says. "There may be no survivors."

> _

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> Jenny: Save Game.

> Jenny: Try thinking of the next place to go, while saying

"So, what is YOUR real business with me, recruit me, assist me, or simply coincidence (hardly possible) that you guys are here?"

to them.