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Everywhere Quest #0010: Psychic And Also Psycho


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> Do you?

You consider whether to say the question aloud.

Indeed I do! No, there's no reason to say anything -- I can just see it in your mind!

> "Depends. Are the rules inspired by Jigsaw?"
> "It better not be a game that trolls players with fake instructions."

Nah, I never actually watched those movies. This'll actually be a different game from my usual one, though! I'm actually kinda winging it here.

> The only winning move is not to play.
> "No, I just want to eat."
> While he's probably not going to give us a choice, try to refuse anyway. Also, point out that we weren't assuming shorty WAS Prayer's Mania, we were just watching him because he's so ridiculously OBVIOUS and nobody else stood out.

Eh, point. That said, you're right -- you DON'T have a choice!

> "What's the idea, pal? Can't a gal eat her meal in peace?"

Sure, sure! I'm actually kinda dragging my feet here -- I wanna give you time to enjoy what just might be the last thing you ever eat!
I'll admit that when SHE told me about your every-possible-reality business, I was kinda skeptical, but actually reading your mind? You're actually WAY more interesting than I thought!

"She"? you wonder.

Nobody you've met before! Now, I can't say whether you'll last five minutes after you step out of that diner, let alone come out on top. But really, there's just something about you, I kinda think you will! Whoops, here comes your meal.

He then goes silent, as the waitress approaches with your burger and salad. "Here you go," she says, setting down the plates in front of you.

"... unless there's either a freaking CHAOS DUNK goin' down or a goddamn GEAR attacking!" the short Mercenary Consortium guy snaps, and then he hangs up.

"Thanks," you tell the waitress distractedly. Great, someone who 1. you've never met before, 2. is a "she", and 3. knows about you? Looks like you've got a Jenny Nowhere on the loose.

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>Pretend the people giving you directions trough the internet are not familiar with your expansive (yet totally public domain, open source and radical) mythos and/or stories in which you have appeared. Jenny Nowhere?


> Ask PM: Do we get extra lives for this, or dead on-spot when we lose?