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2015/07/09 - Getting this off my chest


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About six months ago I left a MUSH which I'd created and been running for ten years. The main reason was because there was Objectively Bad Shit going on there that I don't want to get into — Objectively Bad Shit which happened in part because I was just doing what other people happened to be doing in that vein, and I never bothered changing along with them — but also because I simply wasn't enjoying running it anymore.

I hadn't done any serious admin-work in over a year, and I stayed way longer than I probably ought to have in lieu of making any solid decisions. The other admins convinced me that my stepping down would be preferable to changing the rules or shutting the place down, so I left on amicable terms. All the stuff listed in this paragraph is because I was and am way too passive and indecisive and worried about hurting peoples' feelings. Occasionally I kind of wish I'd done something else, but, eh. Whatever, you can't change the past. I wash my hands of the whole thing.

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