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2014/10/11 - Off Twitter for a while

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Reposting this just so it'll be easier to find:

I think I really need to take a break from Twitter for a while. There is just way too much Bad Stuff going on, it seems like I can't turn around without having to go "oh NOW WHAT", and I have enough trouble being depressed for no reason. I'll be back eventually, but ... I just need to step back for now. The sole exception will probably be the usual site-updates on @MuffinyMisc.

I'm still going to be on Tumblr; I'm also going to be on Skype, Line, Steam, AIM, YIM, and Jabber. So ... basically I'll still be just on the rest of the internet. I'll have email notifications turned on for DMs, so if I'm following you, we can exchange info. Or, y'know, email me.

(This also goes for my RP accounts, for those of you that know/care about them.)

EDIT: Well, that didn't last long.