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2014/10/17 - Just plain badness


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Staring at my screen with no idea what to write here. At least, anything that's more coherent than what I said yesterday (I deleted the blog post because it was just an incoherent rant). Like, I'm not flipping out over specific things anymore at the moment, I guess? It's just ... I can't even remember what it's like not to have weekly meltdowns over this or that.

I met with the doctor today, and she's adjusted the dosage of my current prescribed medication. Typing that out, I had this hollow laugh; four weeks ago I mentioned that we've tried everything short of ADD medications and antipsychotics. What's this gonna do? I'm imagining Bullwinkle going "THIS TIME FOR SURE!" Well, I guess it can't hurt, insofar as I'm already hurting. I laugh because the alternative is to just completely fall apart again.

Also, repeating the only actual news on the yesterday's post, I've updated Amity x Li, with the details at the other end of that link.

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