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2014/06/15 - Worse

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aaaand then back to feeling like crap.

Actually got accepted to Social Security: good. Job is once again feeling like I'm sliding into "can't actually do it" territory: bad. Which wouldn't matter so much, since I am supposed to be disabled; I'm basically in a really good situation right now, and I have all kinds of things to be thankful for, I could even just straight-up buy a new phone or a Wii U right now. It's just that I'm just in the middle of one of my more lengthy depression-episodes right now, after explaining why I didn't like something in an in-developemnt video game, and it is useless to attempt to reason a man out of a thing he was never reasoned into.

(Have I mentioned that the worst part of these episodes is that my sense of humor keeps working? So I'll be feeling like crap, and then there'll be this part of me that's still making wisecracks and applying a Jonathan Swift quote about stupidity to depression, and there'll just be this spark of amusement that gets overwhelmed by a feeling of "dude, not funny" on top of this thick fog of depression I'm already feeling ...)

Oh yeah ... Everywhere Quest is basically 99% ready for me to release the first pace ... I'm just feeling completely humorless about that, too. Ehh.

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You're gonna be okay. u.uv Under the layers of depression, your flame burns brightly!