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2014/05/28 - Better


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So ... pretty sure I'm doing better, apart from weird issues like the other night when I woke up after knocking my fan over in my sleep.

I'm actually starting to become comfortable with my job, notwithstanding its somewhat unstructured nature, which is kind of both good and bad, but ... well, let's just say it's starting to work out.

I've been having my annual Nasty Cough; my doctor prescribed medication which is actually helping (so far). It caused me to pull a muscle in my chest, or something, but I've got that under control with ibuprofen and cold-packs.

I'm also making plans for ... if not a successor to Create.swf Adventures, then something in a similar vein. "Everywhere Quest" will be entirely text-based, which will 1. take away all the extra effort associated with the visual aspect, and 2. theoretically allow me to accept more commands per update. (MotK tends to do it that way, and also accepts as many commands as possible from the consensus of the participants, but that'd be kinda hard to do across three websites, so I ... probably won't try to do both "consensus of all participants" and "across three websites.") So, uh, continue watching this site, I guess.

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Awesome to hear you are doing better. Glad you are starting to get into the "hang" of your new jobs; I know transitions like that are difficult.

No problem with doing something a little more "low maintenance" as a side project, given you now have, you know, a job and all being more important use of your time. Also, I may have come for the Touhou and create.swf, I stayed for you particular brand of writing and humor, so you aren't getting rid of me that easily. ;)

Question though. Was that new medication that was "actually helping" for the insomnia, the depression, or the annual cough?

Dizzy H. Muffin

Oh, it was for the cough. It's not actually helping as much now, though ...

I went back to a previous medication for the sleep and depression, and it seems to be doing pretty good.

Meanwhile: I got accepted to Social Security, but with my job, I'm over their limit. Which is weird and infuriating but I am kind of not really in any situation which has an actual downside here ...


Glad to hear you're doing relatively better and looking forward to your text adventure thing, if/when you choose to do so. :D


Good to hear you're doing better!


Glad to hear (some?) things are finally looking up and/or working out for ya, Muffin. :)