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2013/04/16: MY ARM!! And other fairly stupid tales


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So, current state of affairs: it's not a fracture. That said, it's honestly still feeling kinda terrible and has this lurid bruise; I'm having trouble even typing using my left hand. It might take longer than the next week to recover.

I also met with my doctor about the fact that the generic-brand Zoloft she put me on had no positive effects whatsoever and had a few negative ones, so she put me on a trial run of Citalopram. (Uh ... the trial was for me, not the drug.) She also urged me to let her know about atrocious side-effects earlier this time. I noticed that it has most if not all of the same listed negative side effects as Zoloft, probably because they're both SSRIs, so I guess we'll see.

in unrelated news, god damn I need a new deskchair

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Good to hear it's not a fracture at least. Try to ice it to help with the pain?

New desk chair huh? Did the old one break or something?

Dizzy H. Muffin

Oh, I ice it regularly. Doesn't seem to help a huge amount ...

And the current desk chair is just on its last legs, I think. It's ... old.