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2013/04/10: Sprained wrist

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Continued from yesterday: I called up my mom this morning after discovering that my wrist still hurt and was slightly swollen and I couldn't extend my thumb very far. Just in time, too — if I'd called half an hour later her car would've been stuck getting an oil change and we would've had a problem since she also had work to go to later. Anywho, she took me to the doctor, where I got a wrist-brace (and a tetanus shot), and I am now going to learn how to do many things one-handed for the next two weeks or so!

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Don't worry, Muffin, that Curaga spell will kick in sooner or later!


Well, if you're right-handed like the majority of the Earth's population, then you're lucky it's your left wrist. When I fell off my bike, it was my right wrist, which made it rather difficult to write stuff.


I should probably say something like: Hang in there! or: Keep a stiff upper-lip! or: Don't worry, things can only get better from now on!

... Buuuuut, seeing as how the Gods seem to be quite intent on throwing one wrench into your wheels after the other, I'm just going to extend my sympathies and hope you catch a break soon. :<

Dizzy H. Muffin

Yeah ... I'd actually been thinking about Eris right when it happened. Wonder if I offended her or something? I've been eating a hot dog every Friday and not eating hot dog buns any other day and everything.

Or maybe she was just bored; Greek gods are all assholes. *Kimiko Muffin's computer exploded due to a thunderbolt from Zeus.

Dizzy H. Muffin

yeah ow there's no way this is just a sprain.

Had an x-ray done today, I'll make another post tomorow once they gimme the results.


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