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2013/03/02: Actual Bed Update


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So ... notwithstanding the followup I'd written in a rage to the previous post ...

Basically it hasn't been THAT great or a noticeable improvement. I've been advised to 1. give it anywhere between a week and multiple months, both to get used to it and for it to get used to me, and 2. get one of those foam eggcrate mattress pad things, assuming I can find one that isn't comically expensive. Right now I'm doing exactly what I did with the old mattress, which is to place a comforter under the bedsheets and sleep on top of that.

In other news, I have an appointment with my doctor on the twelfth. We're gonna talk about medication for this Weird Depression Shit. I'm not jumping at the idea, and my theory has always been that it's caused by my Weird Sleep Shit, but we'll see, I guess ...

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I see what you mean about "comically expensive". On a quick web search, I'm seeing prices ranging from $10 to over $350.


Well, if you do decide to take medication, hopefully any helpfulness will stack with helpfulness from the new mattress (which I also hope works out).
Just remember, the fact that you're still here and doing what you can to pull through makes you awesome.

Dizzy H. Muffin

@GreatLimmick: Yeah, and when I specify that it has to be king-size, I haven't found anything under $30.