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2012/11/11: Sickmuffin


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Yeah, it seems that the "worry to the point of being physically sick" I had at the beginning of last week was, in fact, because I am physically sick. Some kind of stomach-bug-ish-thing — I don't actually have nausea or a real stomach ache, it's just that I have almost no appetite, and when I eat the wrong thing, I feel a mild discomfort in my stomach for a few minutes (particularly-sugary stuff, mostly; yogurt has the same effect, but Sprite and ginger ale do not, nor do cheesy bagels). I think I'm pretty much on the mend, though.

Also not helping: the past few days, I've been randomly waking up earlier and earlier, even though I've tried to get to bed at roughly the same time. And, y'know, even when I get back to sleep, I feel like my sleeping is off-kilter and I'm tired all day, b'duh.

Oh yeah, the Social Security hearing went reasonably well as far as I could see. It was an interesting setup — apparently, they have more cases and locations than judges, so I sat in this room with my lawyer and a secretary, and the judge was on this big screen communicating with us remotely. We won't be getting a verdict for a while because my lawyer decided that the judge should also get some info from my new doctor and the therapist I saw last week, even though I'd only seen either of them exactly once.

So ... happy veterinarian's day. Man it's warm outside, it's actually 62°F (16.6°C) right now. I'm thinking, what is this, September or something!?!? I'll probably manage a quick grocery-run this afternoon, assuming my head doesn't explode with headachey exhaustion and/or my stomach going rampant.

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Hang in there, Muffin!

Hikari Patchy's Mimic

maybe get a fluffy plushie. it might help a little. Anyway hang in there.

Dizzy H. Muffin

I seem to have an actual appetite today. More as this develops!