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2010/12/08: Artist(s?) wanted, apply within


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So, I need a backup-artist for Create.swf Adventures to replace Littleshrimp in the task of providing cool images for when Create.swf won't cut it. I won't require many pictures, since it's really not a major part of a thing called Create.swf Adventures (and regardless, you'll notice I've used precisely two, and the last one was almost 250 pages ago), and I'll inevitably feel guilty about giving the artist too much (read: any) work and not enough details (usually on the order of "Nitori striking a flexing pose, i.e. as if showing off her arms for the hell of it, with mechanical extending-arms sticking out as well") or time (generally several days in advance), but I anticipate a couple that I'll need for the future, so it'd be good to have someone on call, so to speak.

So, I dunno, I'm not too worried about precise details, as long as you can make it look like it doesn't look particularly jarring next to the Create.swf stuff (I'd specifically ask KirbyM, but I'd also feel shy about approaching someone who wasn't specifically looking to do this), and that it fit in the 550x400 format, and that it have a transparent background so I can put it against my own backgrounds. I guess as a test-picture to show me what you can do, a picture of Masha Kinoko and Future-Masha standing back-to-back, maybe? (Because if there's one thing we need, it's more time paradoxen.) So Yeah, I probably won't be that picky, and depending on the kind of response I get here, I might even pick more than one. And you might even get to find out about plot-developments earlier than the masses! (Just ... don't spread them around when you do get them.) ;)

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