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2009/09/01: You may have noticed that the site was down today ...


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So, yeah. Last night at around 2 AM EST, for no apparent reason, the password for the MySQL database upon which this site runs (currently, a randomly-generated string of letters, numbers, and punctuation) was changed, apparently by the system itself. I know it was changed by the system itself, because when the admin for the host went and looked at what the password was, he discovered that it was a password which I had previously used before changing it to the current actually-secure password.

This must have been the only password I didn't try when I attempted to get back into the MySQL shell to fix it.

In any event, I can now say: everything is fine, nothing is ruined. No data was actually lost, and you can go back to browsing the site and using Stegmuffin and whatnot.

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Every thing is fine, Nothing is ruined eh?

Dizzy H. Muffin

thatisthejoke.jpg :P