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2009/09/11: Wings of Yuri and


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First of all: oh yeah, right, September 11th, I forgot about that. I wasn't even thinking about it until I saw a thread in Cirno's Perfect Math Classroom, the Maidens of the Kaleidoscope equivalent of /b/, which ... um ... actually, y'know what, let's just plain not go there, k? (Even though I was aware of it on prior days. Ah well ...)

Second of all, I feel the need to rant somewhat. It's a good-natured and nonserious rant, but a rant nonetheless. Let me put it this way: I should know better. I really should. In fact, I do know better. I know that it will never change, that it will always be the same, but I am unable to resist — I keep coming back, despite knowing all this, hoping against hope that "maybe, this time, things will be different." It is a benightedly, perenially foolish and misguided hope. I know it is, and yet I keep coming back to Wings of Yuri, knowing that every single one of their Alice/Marisa releases will involve some of the worst excesses of tsundere.

In other news, according to my site's referral logs: a few people have added me to such TVTropes articles as Not Making This Up Disclaimer (Warning, link leads to TVTropes. Muffin will not be held responsible for hours of time lost as a result of following it.But see also this disclaimer) and Celebrity Paradox (Warning, link leads to TVTropes. Previous disclaimer appliesBut see also this disclaimer). I was kind of expecting something more like Unsound Effect (Warning, link leads to TVTropes. Previous disclaimer appliesBut see also this disclaimer) since e.g. I often use that for exposition. A few people have linked to me from forums (and hotlinked to my comics' images) as well; the oddest example of that was when someone in a thread about Touhou and Vocaloid on some forum or other, linked to ... my stupid people on the internet article. Huh.

The oddest actual referrer, however, is: "oh, someone's list of comics they visit regularly, makes sense." Then out of curiosity, I went to the front page, which is ... empty, for lack of a better word. No name, no contact information, no identifying marks of any kind except the URL, no sign of any change whatsoever beyond the "last updated in 2005" bit and the fact that it refers to my comic as "Touhou :3" (I came up with the "Nekokayou" title relatively recently), and no content whatsoever except a few articles on obscure Linux topics, plus the page linking to me (which wasn't necessarily meant for public consumption). It also, for the record, links to my front page instead of directly to Touhou Nekokayou.

What gets me the most, though, is the lack of any name or other identification stuff. I'm impressed that we're in the 21st century, and there are still pages which have been updated as recently as last year and which are still like that. I even did a bare minimum bit of investigation, and all I found was that they're on the same webhost as I am. A website with no contact information, with no name, is like a house without a mailbox or telephone. Hell, it's like a house with no doors, frankly. You could completely plagarize the whole site, and put it on your own host with a full CMS and whatnot, and claim "I wanted a better URL, I just don't feel like taking the old site down" or something, and if someone came and said "Hey, you stole that off this site!" the thief could just say "You can't prove I'm not the owner of that site."1 It's just ... weird, to me, I guess, as if someone hasn't fully grasped the concept of being on the World Wide Web.

1Not that this exact wording would precisely make them look innocent, either.

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Anonymous Hacker

Not to mention that the likelihood of those articles still being correct for today's Linux is about 1 in 1,000.

Dizzy H. Muffin

Another good point. I also noticed that in the first guide, the ethernet-config-thing contains "&nsbp;" as if this were part of the actual instruction. Methinks someone seriously messed up doing &nbsp ... and since there's no contact info, we can't let him/her know! :D


Lol the guy on that forum who linked to your Stupid People article is that Touhou music sheets uploader on youtube (by the same name or almost the same name) and (s)he also linked to ChaosAngel092's Touhou remix uploaders. Both subscribed. Both awesome. And I can't wait for more arranges to appear on the Lunasa and Merlin playlists :3


LOL that's my site. I just put stuff there so I can get to it wherever I am. The Linux stuff is ancient, but I fixed the embarassing nsbp thing (I'm not going to change the last updated date though because the information itself is still ancient, maybe someday I'll get around to fact-checking it and making sure it's still valid)

The list of comics are updated more frequently, but I generally don't edit the existing ones unless the URL changes, which is why you're still Touhou :3 It points to the main page because I read the stories and other posts (like this one) in addition to the comic.

As for the blankness of the site itself, I'm actually a rather dull person. I suppose I could put a resume or something there. Maybe pictures of my cats.

Dizzy H. Muffin

YOU CAN'T PROVE YOU'RE</badjoke> Heh, I figured you'd notice this eventually. JUST AS PLANNED.

Still, though, the fact that your only identifying "name" is still just the URL of your site (unless this is actually meant to be the other way around) is kinda ... "do not know what to think of." :<


It sure is fun finding out what sites link to yours! (and by "yours" I mean "people in general"... or... I guess really just "mine") Yeah. Pretty interesting stuff.


Hmm, I just realized how strange that comment sounded. Disregard it!