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2009/05/12: Reformatting Blues


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You know, Muffin really ought to know better than to open semi-suspicious files I got on open-filesharing thingies like eMule ... |3

So, yeah, I just spent the last few hours (a) reformatting my computer, and (b) recovering from reformatting my computer, which I even now haven't quite finished. The good news is that my habit of doing damn near everything on my external hard drive meant that I didn't actually have to back much up, so nothing of importance was lost.1

I'm also once again fairly irritated by the fact that the Toshiba Satellite Laptop's disk ... well, it doesn't have a separate "install Windows" and "install drivers, etc." — the single "recovery" CD gives you the choice of installing individual drivers and programs, and reformatting and reimaging the hard drive. Or, in layman's terms, your options are limited to the equivalent of "hand-to-hand combat" and "tactical nuclear strike." Oh well, at least this also gave me the opportunity to install XP Pro.

1As an aside, it's just so nice being able to backup Firefox by simply copying and pasting a folder. Apache, PHP, and MySQL, on the other hand ...

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