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2009/05/01: TGIF, or 40-Hour Work Week 2


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So, uh. Most of the week, I actually Did Things. A lot of it was tiresome; all of it passed the time, I suppose. I got paid on Thursday, and sunk about half of it into rent (it's complicated, don't ask). The first thing I actually bought was allergy medication and the second thing was a microphone-headset so I'd be able to play e.g. Left 4 Dead without needing to type things to communicate. I also stayed up way too late on Wednesday and Thursday night, so my brain is melty, whee.

Also, they basically ran out of things for the second-shift people to do on Friday, so that was boring and I had to resort to humming Touhou music to pass the time.

I just got distracted from posting this by a game of Left 4 Dead — my first actual multiplayer run, in Blood Harvest with someone who hadn't played Blood Harvest before and a friend of his. As always, of course, things were hampered by the fact that I have a crappy computer. I crowned all the Witches we came across. Died at the last minute, though — everyone else was in the APC, everyone's health was in the teens, I was halfway across the yard ... and a Boomer got in my way ...

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