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A number of people have created blogs on Tumblr in which they essentially roleplay as fictional characters, answering questions from their respective character's perspective, and of course there are several Touhou-based ones (examples: Ask Kyouko, Ask Koakuma, Ask 5 Magic Stones). Since my brain is extremely open to new ideas and memes take hold fairly quickly and easily, I have created > Ask Masha, for the purpose of sending questions to the only original character ever to recieve a hundred-percent approval rating, Masha Kinoko!

Please note that, due to difficulties in communicating with the Tumblr website, this page only serves as a link to the Tumblr blog. Also note that the events directly depicted in these little snippets are not themselves canonical, due to the fact that the very nature of the concept breaks the Fourth Wall;1 however, the answers which do not break the Fourth Wall can be considered Touhou Nekokayou canon, and the same goes for any depicted abilities, knowledge, and flashbacks. BOCTAOE.

1Setting aside the mere fact that an original character in an alternate-universe-fanfiction setting is acanonical to begin with, but I obviously meant within Touhou Nekokayou.

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I completely approve of this notion.


Who is Shino, anyway?

Dizzy H. Muffin

Shino is the artist/self-insert of Manga Of My Memories Of Playing Touhou (which ... starts out SFW if you have AdBlock, and descends into psycho-lesbian boob-grabbing madness).

Kaze Koichi

Shino invasion rulez! I don't remember when I laughed so hard last time.


...That there comic has got to be my favourite Eirin interpretation, and one of my favourites of Yukari. Totally nailed IN.


I Approve of this~


It feels more of a direct ask-response canon-building tumblr than the more humourous ones (Ask Reisen stands out), but oh well. This one was nice.

Formica Archonis

I have no idea what to ask the adorable little one but I LOVE the whole idea.


For some reason I now want to ship Masha/Mima...

Dizzy H. Muffin

Could always do blackrom shipping. :3c

I mean, technically Mima is already Rumia Yagami's kismesis according to the latter's profile, but I haven't tried to directly show this in-story, and it now occurs to me that I have basically shown insufficient mutual hatred between them for it to work.


As the sort of person who ships Cirno/Yuka, I don't do sensible things like that! Or anything but red, really.

I don't know, it's kind of hard for me to be too serious about anything with Mima, since I haven't played any games that she's in. So I've just got this mental image of her being a bit tsundere that's really cute. `.`


Mima = Jesse (of Team Rocket) + Kamina.
"Marisa, your Hakkero is the one that will pierce the heavens! Now hand over the Yin-Yang Orbs, twerp."

Also, I drew fanart and didn't know where else to put it.

Kaze Koichi

Some shipping pairing make me think they was made with random generator. Like Remilia x Cirno, for example. They are also more amusing because I didn't see that coming.

P.S.: Masha's trollface is a best.

Formica Archonis

On the topic of the little moeshroom, anyone seen this fanart before? It's new to me:

Formica Archonis

(Reads thread.)

(Sees he just posted a link to a site apparently belonging to someone who JUST posted.)

Gonna sit in the corner and make monkey noises now.


Yes I drew her twice, but I wasn't sure if that one was worth mentioning.
Also, it doesn't come up in a dA search for some reason despite being tagged. Huh?