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Art: Hisou Tensoku

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Hisou Tensoku
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Pixiv / Japanese title: 非想天則

Originally for my comic, but now made into more of an art-piece. You know, I wish Tasofro had made a stage where you fought on Hisou Tensoku's Shoulder. (That could have been Sasha's stage!) Hmm ... maybe I could make wallpapers out of this ...

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It disappointed me that you never see Hisou Tensoku outside of cut-scenes. Although, I'm thinking it could have been Suwako's stage instead of Sanae's.

Meiling needed a better stage too, something like the front gate of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Instead, if I recall, she gets a hole in the ground.


Would be kinda hard to have a battle on what is essentially a big steam powered balloon.


Epic Art is EPIC, Muffin~


@Herasy: Didn't stop Manjimaru (of Kabuki Klash/Tengai Makyou fame.)



I think Meiling didn't even get a stage really, due to how she never appears in any story mode. And only 2 stages were added that weren't used in the plot (mainly Cirno associated grass area and The Moriya shrine steps)



Well, its not really her stage but everytime I fight Meiling in arcade mode, she's at the hole in the ground stage. I wonder what Tasofro is trying to tell us...