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Art: Optical Camoflage Test


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Optical Camoflage Test
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Actually, Nitori's Optical Camoflage was working perfectly in "Mountain of Faith," it's just that someone with the right skills could see right through it. (Bah, Marisa's supposed to look more blue in the second frame.) Anyway, eat lots of lamprey eels if you want to see Marisa in the first frame ...

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I don't need no stinkin' eels! I can see her! ...just barely, but that counts!


I see her~!


I also see her in the first panel.

also (9) for captcha hooray

Kitsune Inari

I'm not really sure whether I really saw her in the first panel, or I was just imagining it. Which is pretty much the point of thermooptical camo, by the way.


not clear enough, guess I need to alter my eyes further to extend my vision

maybe if I dye my sclera that will increase my vision range...

Dizzy H. Muffin

Yeah, I suppose it depends on your monitor and settings, too.


oh come on KM, let's not bring logical semantics into this :P


I can see her! There's slight blurring in the first panel where she is supposed to be.


I see her as well. kinda.


I couldn't see her in the first panel at first, then I randomly did something which I cannot recall and now I can :o


I can't see Marisa in the first panel! D=


I can totally see her in the first panel after a few seconds. I can even tell she's making a =3 face.


Holy crap she really is in the first panel! Granted, I had to really squint and then zoom in in Paint to confirm my theory, but there she is!

Dizzy H. Muffin

You can find her really easily with Stegmuffin! :3