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Touhou Nekokayou #148: Fairy Wars Episode 4: Return of the Awake


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Touhou Nekokayou: Scarlet Weather Archive in Japanese Red #148

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Characters: Cirno, Star Sapphire

Seventeen this is seventeen where the seventeen story-arc starts.17 (It's getting harder and harder to come up with places to drop 17s.) And I'm starting to get "length-creep," I mean this one's eleven panels long! Who knows, by the time I'm done, there might be, y'know ... seventeen panels!! Also, I am no longer doing the Star Wars titles in order.

This is the part where I start to worry that I've raised the bar too high for myself in terms of out-and-out silliness. I mean, yeah, I've got plenty of material, but especially compared to the inspired lunacy of last week, I'm having trouble living up to it, and I'm just feeling kinda pressured now. Probably not a problem, though ...

Cirno's line in panel 6, "WHOOP, WAUGH!", is a reference to Calvin and Hobbes; on at least one occasion, Calvin has exclaimed this in reaction to one of his zany actions going awry. I forget when this actually was.

The "outstretched hands" object in panel 3 is actually in front of the object for the piece of paper.


  1. (Cirno and Star Sapphire are lying by the lake at sunset. Cirno's face is completely obscured by a sheet of paper.)
    Cirno: B'duh ... not again ...
    Star Sapphire: Ugh ... this had better not happen every single time!!
  2. (Cirno gets up, the paper still on her face.)
    Cirno: Wh ... what!? I'm blind!! What have you done!?!?
    Star Sapphire: Huh? There's ... a sheet of paper over your face ...
  3. (Cirno midair-stumbles towards Star Sapphire, hands outstretched.)
    Cirno: I'll get you for this!! I ... I mean, Rumia deals with this all the time, i-it can't be that hard!!
    Star Sapphire: You mean crashing into trees? Uh, anyway, I didn't do this, I was unconscious when it happened.
  4. (The pre-battle interface captions appear again, as Cirno spins around away from Star Sapphire.)
    Text: ROUND 2
    Cirno: OBJECTION! How could you know when it happened if you were sposta be unconscious at the time!?
    Star Sapphire: What!? It *had* to have been ... Uh ... Hey I'm over here!
  5. (Cirno charges back at Star Sapphire, flailing her sword; Star rises upward.)
    Cirno: Hah! Attack me from behind, will you!?
    SFX: swordflail!
    Star Sapphire: What? You turned away from me on your own!
  6. (She launches star-danmaku at Cirno, who flinches back and raises her sword; the paper starts to come loose.)
    Star Sapphire: THIS IS STUPID!
    Cirno: WHOOP-- WAUGH!!
  7. (Cirno freezes the bullets with her sword as the paper becomes further dislodged.)
    Star Sapphire: Wha -- You can do that!?
  8. (The ice shatters, knocking Cirno back and sending Star Sapphire flying, as well as finally dislodging the paper.)
    Cirno: B'DUH!
    Star Sapphire: Ow!!
  9. (Star Sapphire just falls out of the panel, and Cirno turns to the falling paper.)
    Cirno: AGHAAGH-- ... um ... oh. There *was* a paper! And I won!
  10. (Cirno catches the paper and reads it.)
    Cirno: .....
    Paper: Dear Cirno,
    Paper: I know you're just going to ignore this as usual, but stop tearing around and just come home, please?
    Paper: -Dai
  11. (Victory scene against a sketchy pink background.)
    Cirno: THEN IGNORE IT I SHALL! Get ready, you stupid other fairies!!


All Touhou characters are © Team Shanghai Alice and/or ZUN; create.swf is ⑨ KirbyM with help from Thefre. "Sakura petals" brush in main/4koma logo was made by Kisara Girl. "Falling leaves" brush in 60-Years logo came with Photoshop.

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gotta learn to word things more carefully, Dai


Aah, seventeen. What a random number for you to pick. But interesting. I'm too lazy to point out any seventeen crap right now, myon~

Hunter 1

...Is this strip the first hint we have that Dai and Cirno are a couple? Or did the hint appear before?

Or is Cirno just too immature to be in that type of relationship?


They must just live together, as the shipping page says Cirno/Utsuho.

Hunter 1

Serena: ...How the hell did I forget THAT detail? I mean, I read the comic where they first kissed!

So yeah, you must be right, they only live together.


Anyone else hum the beginning of the star wars theme when reading the first panel?


Cirno won with a piece of paper on her face. Truly, she is the strongest.


Cirno is totally selectively obeying that note.


Cirno, winning at everything, even unintentionally.


At last! the first taste of non-laser danmaku! And by extension FREEZING MECHANIC! GO STRONGEST, GO STRONGEST!


The final panel gave me a good chuckle, very enjoyable.


*facepalm* WHY!!!


Wouldn't Daiyousei be able to easily defeat Tenshi or Suwako?

After all, Paper>Rock.


Suwako also uses water, though. Water makes paper useless.


I feel strangely tempted to make a bad pun about how paper would be especially ineffective considering the muffinverse's take on shipping, but that might push the censorship rating up.


Well it pretty much shows that this might be the only time Cirno would even listen to Daiyousei's request for once. If only se gave Cirno a certain insentive to just come home. lol

In any caseI know that Saber beats rock, but I guess Ice Sword beats paper. lol