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2012/09/29: Except not really better


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Y'know what, all things considered, I think I have to declare that I officially Do Not Have My Shit Together. I'm caught in an endless cycle of sleep problems punctuated by depression, I haven't seen the doctor yet for reasons which are outside my control, and I generally lack the slightest amount of motivation to do anything whatsoever besides eat, sleep, ride my bike, and mess around on the internet. And do some volunteer data entry for 2-4 hours a week.

Bottom line is, this was the first update in almost four weeks, because whenever I actually went to look at it I alternated between "bleh, I don't feel like it" and "DEPRESSION EPISODE," the latter of which is the condition in which I made this blog post, so basically, I'm putting everything on hold, subject to "if I feel like it" exceptions, until I feel a lot more like anything is a lot more straightened out than I do right now. I will see Cottagesnagged to its end, just ... not right now, basically. I wish I could have paused after Act 2 ended, since this is kind of an awkward way to do it, but ehh. I just felt way too daunted by the whole thing, and my motivation has hit rock-bottom in just about every area. Sorry.

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Muffin, take a break and get yourself the therapy and/or medications you need to get back on your feet. Your health is more important than this site. Take all the time you need.

Kaze Koichi

Muffin, I know how you feel. By all means, rest. Forcing yourself would not provide any good results anyway.


What they said. Don't push yourself to the point of being driven off the deep end, and know that we all love you enough to be completely fine with you taking as long as you need to solve any life issues that may be happening. Good Luck, and hope you feel better.

Sparky Sparky Boom Witch

>Sparky Sparky Boom Witch: Send fondest wishes to Muffin and hope that things get better soon.


I know how having sleep problems is; I suffer from them, myself. However, there is one glorious supplement that I have found called Melatonin. It's a chemical found naturally in your system that helps you sleep, and some people have an imbalance of it. It works wonders for me, is not very expensive, and can be found without a prescription in most pharmacies. If you already knew about this and it didn't help, feel free to disregard. Just thought I'd try to help in whatever way I could.

Hope you feel better!


I'll say it once and I'll say it again.

Muffen=> have a good day

tis only a minor set back, we can wait forever! XD

Dizzy H. Muffin

I've called the doctor, left my number in their voicemail. The ball is officially not in my court anymore.

The issue was, the doctor had a 100% full schedule and list of patients, so my mother (who had an appointment the other day) wanted to speak with her first, and she said sure.


Let the huggles hit the muffin. *hugs!*

Spirit Tsunami

I hear you. Of course, I rarely have any motivation to do anything anyway, so there's always room for some doubt as to whether I'm really depressed or just an overly stressed hypochondriac.