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2013/06/01 (Villainmad): Replay Re-Update


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This is still going ... uh, kinda slow, but relatively strong. I didn't bother adding any bells and whistles like bullet-patterns just yet, I just wanted to get stuff done and tested. I also started using SVN source control instead of just SpiderOak backups, yaaaay! Anyway, the XNA binaries are here (XNA is here), the OpenGL version is here (I figured out what was wrong with gamepads not working!) and basically has the same caveats as before.

In what it is now obvious is typical fashion for me, I spent the better part of a month whimpering over the prospect of having to do all the work of testing out replays, and getting distracted teaching myself how to do 3D by making an XNA version (still incomplete) of the 3D Maze Screensaver from Windows 95, and then I basically completely did the test of the replay system by yesterday evening, save for a few glitches and features I fixed this morning.

By the way, remember what I said about specifically wanting to go higher than Touhou's 640x480 resolution? Yeah, Double Dealing Character's native resolution is 1280x960. Which is higher than that of the VMad Engine. Le sigh ... now if only I could possibly get my hands on a 24" to 27" 1080p monitor

Yeah ... I'm ... pretty much just making these posts so that it's publicly-obvious I'm still working on it, I guess.

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Good to see you still are developing, even if slowly. I know it's been tough with the medication switches, the depression, your arm breaking, and psychiatrist change, but it's good, and even healthy, to push yourself some and keep going at least a little bit.

Trust me, I've been in this sort of situation myself. I know how much it sucks. It may not help all that much right now, but it will get better. :)