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Touhou Shinrensen ~ Redefined Fantastic Object


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Touhou 12i: Redefined Fantastic Object (東方新蓮船, romanized Touhou Shinrensen, meaning Oriental New-Lotus Ship) is Undefined Fantastic Object, as set in the universe of Touhou Nekokayou. It is numbered 12i because at this point, continuity has gotten far enough away from canon that it's practically going at right angles to it; hence, y'know, imaginary numbers (which are at right angles to the regular number line). In other words: Oh dear, I've been making changes ...

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...So you didn't like the version KirbyM made of Hokkai?...

...Well, though it's more detailed, you didn't really have to go through all that work to make a revised background.

Dizzy H. Muffin

It's not that I didn't like it, I just felt that create.swf just isn't the best thing for a more serous work like this.


Well, you got a point there.

Guess that's why I gave up on that serious extensively long comic series of Yuki and Mai using create.swf.


Oh, wait-wait. You didn't make the image, you just added the UFO and text.

You musta downloaded the image!