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Touhou Nekokayou #46 (Marisa Gear Solid): Mission: Prequel

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Touhou Nekokayou: Scarlet Weather Archive in Japanese Red #46

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Characters: Marisa Kirisame, Patchouli Knowledge, Yukari Yakumo, Alice Margatroid, Marisa Kirisame, Shanghai

This comic took a lot of photoshop work, simply because I needed to change the color of Marisa's hat to that of Nazrin's outfit.1 (No, Nazrin isn't running around naked somewhere, before you ask.) And then there was the MGS3 game-over screen I needed to make ...

Yukari's fooling around again. I couldn't think of anything halfway-useful that would result in time travel that would be, um, halfway-plausible as far as this comic goes ...

I also remade the "kiss" panel from Love Card, Part 2, and updated it there, to!

Yukari's line in the last panel is taken from Metal Gear Solid 3, which is a prequel to the rest of the series. If you killed any characters who were important in the previous/chronologically-subsequent games, you got a game over, and your CO radios you with basically Yukari's line (except that she said "Snake!", and "do that" instead of "do them").


  1. (A cardboard box sits just inside Marisa's house.)
    Marisa: (inside the box) Awriiiiiight!
    SFX: Breebeep breebeep!
  2. (Codec screen, with Patchouli on the left and Marisa (dressed in Nazrin's clothes with her hat tinted to match) on the right. The frequency is 1234.56.)
    Patchouli: Marisa, I think I've detected ... oh.
    Marisa: Hi, Patchy! I just unlocked the "Nazrin" alternate outfit! (Conditions: sneak from Alice's house to the SDM library to Marisa's house without getting caught)
  3. (Patchouli leans in fury out of her screen. Marisa's head isn't entirely within her screen either.)
    Marisa: Hey, I didn't *take* anything! (You would've caught me right away like you always do)
  4. Patchouli: (even more infuriated) THAT'S NOT THE POOOOOOOOOINT!
    Marisa: Okay, I'll only wear my normal outfit when pesterin' ya, then.
  5. (Marisa's house; Marisa climbs out from under the box.)
    Marisa: Hmm ... haven't unlocked my UFO outfit for normal use yet ... still dunno why this outfit was *easier* to unlock ...
  6. (Yukari slips out of a gap in the cardboard box.)
    Yukari: Hello!
    Marisa: GAH!
  7. (The box has been tossed aside.)
    Marisa: So, uh, to what do I owe the pleasure of your randomly bargin' in here through a gap?
    Yukari: I've been experimenting with borders ... Tell me, would you want to reexperience the joy of your first kiss with Alice?
  8. Marisa: Huh? Uh ... I dunno ... never thought about that, really, since we're together now ...
    Yukari: Oh. Well, I can work with that!
  9. (Yukari opens a gap, which Marisa falls into.)
    Yukari: See you then!
    Marisa: W-wha!?
  10. (Marisa falls through a scene of hearts and clocks.)
    Marisa: DAMMIT YUKARI!
  11. (A redux of the closeup of Alice and Marisa's kiss against a sketchy pink background.)
  12. (View of the front of Alice's house; Shanghai is floating nearby.)
    Alice: Ahhh ... M-marisa, that was ...
    Marisa: Heh ... yeah, I know, right?
  13. (Future Marisa falls out of a gap. Alice is completely shocked.)
    Future Marisa: AUGH!
  14. (Future Marisa gets to her feet. Past Marisa sweatdrops. Alice is blushing.)
    Future Marisa: Ow ...
  15. (Alice becomes inordinately excited; Past Marisa blushes, and Future Marisa sweatdrops.)
    Alice: TWO MARISAS!
  16. (The above view fades to a sepia-tone resembling the Metal Gear Solid 3 game-over screen.)
    SFX: typetypetype typetype typetype typetypetypetypetype
    Text: Continue/Exit
    Yukari: Alice! You can't do them! The future will be changed! You've created a time paradox!

1The actual reason I didn't have Marisa in her UFO outfit is that KirbyM hasn't added it to create.swf yet. No, I won't redo it like I did with her SA outfit.

All Touhou characters are © Team Shanghai Alice and/or ZUN; create.swf is ⑨ KirbyM with help from Thefre. "Sakura petals" brush in main/4koma logo was made by Kisara Girl. "Falling leaves" brush in 60-Years logo came with Photoshop.

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Another fun note that you probably know: in MGS3, if Naked Snake is killed and you get GAME OVER, wait for a little while, and it turns into TIME PARADOX.