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Touhou Nekokayou #136: Defense Against Envy


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Touhou Nekokayou: Scarlet Weather Archive in Japanese Red #136

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Characters: Parsee Mizuhashi, Yuugi Hoshiguma

This comic, like all of them, was just made up as I went along. However, I also didn't have the central premise in my ideas-file, and basically came up with the whole thing as I sat down to put this together. Apart from the setup for the punchline, which I had to take out of my "rejects" file.1 And I did it while feeling kinda sick, too (with some kind of stomach bug that turned into a cough).

Parsee is basically just ... almost pure "straight man."2 I mean, my depiction of her has her emotionless except for jealousy, which really just makes anything else impossible. Well, apart from deadpan snarkery. Another side effect is that if I want to make it clear that Yuugi does genuinely care, I have to do things like panel 4, which has no comedy at all.

One of the driving forces behind this comic was that I wanted to do something that was shipping-driven, but better than the one that introduced Sakuya/Meiling, which was a somewhat uninspired action-sequence followed by a kiss. (Nowadays, I'm putting conscious effort into bringing the funny.) That said, most doubts about why Yuugi and Parsee would be in a relationship is explained in panel 8: Yuugi was drunk. Furthermore, oni do not give up.

The Underground City background was a photoshopped mashup of the Human Village and the Eientei Porch which are included in Create.swf,3 the ice cream is a heavily modified cupcake, and like all of my backgrounds and other creations, if anyone used them, I'd prefer it if people credited me with their creation. Yuugi's home, on the other hand, is just the "Murasa's Ship (2)" background with the red walls turned blue.

Wikipedia has an article on shipping.


  1. (Parsee is standing alone in the underground.)
    Parsee: Sigh ...
  2. (Yuugi shows up behind her, sake dish in hand.)
    Yuugi: Heya, Parpar! How's it going?
    Parsee: Mmph ... Sorry, Yuugi, can't talk, I'm in one of my bad moods right now.
    Yuugi: Nothin' I can help with?
  3. (Parsee steps back a bit as Yuugi approaches.)
    Parsee: And if I complain that you're drunk, you'll just protest that you're an oni.
    Yuugi: Huh? Well ... uh ... I am!
    Parsee: ... never mind.
  4. Yuugi: Seriously, tho, if you really don't wanna hang out right now ...
    Parsee: Yeah, uh ... How about I come over to the city in a couple of hours.
    Yuugi: Yeah.
  5. Narration Box: After a certain amount of thankfully-off-camera brooding and sighing ...
    (Parsee is standing in the Underground City.)
    Parsee: Let's see ... where did she say she'd be ...
  6. (Yuugi shows up.)
    Yuugi: Heya, Parsee!
    Parsee: Oh, hi, Yuugi ... Um, Thanks for, um ... giving me some space back there.
    Yuugi: Let's talk in my place.
  7. (Yuugi's place. The two of them are reclining on an oversized pink pillow.)
    Parsee: The thing is, the "automatic jealousy" part of me *wants* to come up with some way to envy other people who are going out with an oni, but ...
    Yuugi: Yeah, most oni want women like they like their coffee ... uh ... help me out here ...
  8. Parsee: Cheap, alcoholic, easy to get, and strong?
    Yuugi: Hah! Good one!
    Parsee: I mean, you still chose me while you were drunk, but ...
  9. Parsee: Well, you're always trying to come up with ways to help me feel better ... and/or to get the automatic-jealousy to shut up.
    Yuugi: No problem! F'rinstance, I had this idea today that keeps sounding better the more it stays in my head!
  10. Parsee: (glancing back at her) Uh-oh.
    Yuugi: See, if the problem is with your emotions, why not attack it from the *physical* end of things!?
    Parsee: Um ...
  11. Parsee: Are you talking ... about ...
    Yuugi: Hey, no need to be so tense! It'll be fun, and there won't be any easy angles for just jealousy!
  12. (Cut to the two of them in the Underground City, with ice cream.)
    Yuugi: Well?
    Parsee: You're right. Ice cream *does* taste good, without giving me something to feel jealous about.

1Alternate punchline which fortunately cannot be effectively depicted in Create.swf: (The two of them are in bed) Yuugi: "You enjoyed yourself?" Parsee: "Yeah ... You're so good, I'm jealous!" Yuugi: "....."

2No points for snidely pointing out that she's self-evidently a bi woman.

3Which, incidentally, I always mentally pronounce "createswiff." I mean, would you go to the trouble of saying "create dot ess doubleyou eff" every time you wanted to say it? I dunno if I'm alone in doing that, or if everyone else does it, or does it the other way.

All Touhou characters are © Team Shanghai Alice and/or ZUN; create.swf is ⑨ KirbyM with help from Thefre. "Sakura petals" brush in main/4koma logo was made by Kisara Girl. "Falling leaves" brush in 60-Years logo came with Photoshop.

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I suppose it's nice to see that the being of jealousy has someone looking out for her.

Impressive considering exactly what that person is.

...but, considering Yuugi's .... attributes, how ocme Parsee doesn't get jealous jsut being around her?


Thankfully, the uniform size of createswiff props means that Parsee can't be jealous that Yuugi's ice cream cone is bigger or smaller.


"No points for snidely pointing out that she's self-evidently a bi woman."

I thought the only non-bi person in Gensokyo was that flamer Mokou.


Hey, I always say "create dot ess double-you eff" :D


So, Parsee and Yuugi hanging out in Yuugi's home, given the origin of that background, would be... a ship on a ship?


Sweets solve everything!

Or, in this case, ice cream.


This comic reminds me of Bob & George.


Hah, cute ending thar.

It's nice to see some less-used characters get some screentime here, a lot of characters seems to go unused (cough)Hina(cough), so it's a nice change from usual SDM, Hakurei Shrine, Moriya Shrine, Eientei or Forest of Magic scenarios. Not that those aren't nice too, but mixing things up is always pleasant, in a breath-of-fresh-air sorta way... ^^

Dizzy H. Slightly Voided

Gah, I should've responded to comments sooner.

@TARDISES: Her automatic-jealousy functions, very early on in their career, said "Nah, way too easy."

@Bocaj: Actually, just about anything can be scaled. The ice cream cones are scaled to 50% of their default size.

@Andrusi: Ah, I was wondering if anyone would pick up on that. Not that it was intentional or anything, but ... ;)

@bp3500: Really? Why's tha— ohhhhhhh.

@Xaltwind: Yeah, I actually went with this idea because all my remaining usable ideas were centered on ... Flandre/Koishi, now that I look at it ...

Spirit Tsunami

Yeah, that ending was perfect, because of how unexpected it was.


Ice-cream is the solution to everything.

I always think "create dot ess doubleyou eff", which is why I got mildly irritated when reading "create.swf" until I developed the habit of not "reading" it but looking at it as a sort of picture to avoid thinking "create dot ess doubleyou eff" at myself.

Masha fanart!
I keep drawing baby moeshroom because she's easy to draw.
Time to try Future Masha.


To quote the MSPA fandom:


Dizzy H. Slightly Voided

/ Modified by Dizzy H. Slightly Voided:

@Cuddlefish: Looks nice!

@Metaflare: That's the alternate ending, dunkass. :P

Rainy Daze

I always say 'Create dot swuff'. Can't ever ignore the dot.

And thanks to this comic I have the SA stage 3 theme stuck in my head again. Yay?


I was going to say they'd need to get the same flavor to avoid making Parsee jealous, but then I realized they can just share if that becomes a problem.


and now she's jealous that Yuugi figured out how to control her jealousy.


Muffin, youre starting flat ones.. xD
But that one was just epic xD

Dizzy H. Slightly Voided

I know I'm going to regret phrasing it this way, but: flat what?


xD nah, flat jokes owo but nice one DiMastine xD