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Everywhere Quest #0026: Contains Actual Information


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> A big, giant distraction so that I could be boxed in by her allies?

"Close, but no cigar," says Prayer's Mania.

> To mercilessly toy with me in a grand game?

"Nah, that's my deal," he says.

> Just roll already.

Well, fine then, if you're gonna be like that, you'll get a -6 penalty on your next roll! HOW DO YOU LI—

You roll for intelligence: <6><6> = automatic critical success.

— uh, never mind. Yeah, this whole "see if anyone figures it out" and "outside of combat, don't roll dice unless specifically instructed" thing was a terrible idea, wasn't it.

"Hmm. She had two different Gear attacks going down," you say. "It's obvious she wanted all the response-teams tied up so that they wouldn't interfere."

"Sounds good," says Prayer's Mania.

"And she used B-Gator to draw me away, but not far enough that I wouldn't be the first one to get here when I set it off," you say. "I'm a quote-unquote 'quote-unquote hero', so I'm really predictable in that I'll try to avoid bystanders getting hurt, so it was easy to lead me away."

Prayer's Mania laughs. It's not a friendly laugh. "Anything else?" he says.

Suddenly it clicks in your mind. "She waited until the boardwalk was evacuated and I'd defeated B-Gator," you say. "And then she did a relatively weak one. It was a test to see if she could do it, before she actually tried anyplace populated. And you can't exactly hide a Chaos Dunk — it was also a threat."

"Wow." Prayer's Mania sounds genuinely impressed. "Looks like you do have a chance, especially now that you know what's at stake here. You've beaten B-Gator, and figured all that out just from the circumstances surrounding this, you're two for two! What're you gonna do next?"

> _

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>"Stop both of you."