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2017/03/30 - Some Change-Ish Things


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Just a couple of New Things going on ...

First off, I've got a new username going around: Dizzy H. Muffin. For the first time since I opened it in 2008, my website's URL is now accurate! Whoo! (The "Dizzy" part, I mean. I still don't know what "pestermom" was originally meant to signify.)

Second, I noticed I had several dollars in my checking account, so I ordered new MIDI synthesizer software, it's this little number called Omnisphere. The SD-90 still works, I just feel like it's not quite adequate in a few ways. My line of reasoning was that I could either get a game console, which would only be useful for consumption; a graphics card, which is useful but not necessary for both production (i.e. Things Which Will Result In Me Having More Money, Not Less) and consumption; or OmniSphere, which is useful and I kind of think necessary for production. Lined up like that, the choice was obvious.

The third is that I've decided precisely what kind of games I want to make now. I said this briefly on Twitter, but: I intend to make games which have 1. a setting like Touhou, but openly gay instead of just "there are girls", and 2. a gameplay format which the majority of people can actually play. Number 2 was easy; I kind of want to start with something resembling the Musou/Warriors franchise, which is to say, it's like bullet hell except that there's that many enemies instead of bullets. But #1 is basically my contribution to that whole thing: whatever else I do, it's gonna start out with girls kissing and then keep to girls kissing! I don't want to make any official announcements or promises, because it's really too early to make any, but that is basically the kernel of what I'm going to be doing in the future.

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Dizzy H. Muffin

I've changed my Twitter URL, but not my Tumblr one. Let me know if this has caused any links to break ...


oooh, oh wow, that Omnisphere has just a FEW sounds there!

Dizzy H. Muffin

Yes, it has several!