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2014/08/04 - Everywhere Quest pause


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OK, I'm putting Everywhere Quest on hold for a minute. For my latest update I got precisely one command which was literally just "Strife Modus: Converse" without actually saying what they wanted to do, and I have never gotten any real feedback apart through the adventure's entire run apart from one person expressing disappointment about Prayer's Mania's appearance.

In other words, people are clearly not interested, and don't even care enough to complain about the bits they don't like. Since this is something that's supposed to be driven by audience response, it means I'm clearly doing something wrong. I'm posting this here, on MotK, and on the MSPA forum because I want to know exactly what needs to be improved and how.

(And if people aren't even interested enough to give me that much feedback, then that'll be a pretty good indication that there's no point in continuing this project at all.)

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In my case, at least, it's just that you seem to have a habit of leaving off in places where, honestly, there's not much to say- I mean, in the latest update, is there really anything we can do except "trade information"?


I'd love to send more commands but I'm not exactly imaginative and I honestly couldn't find anything to say. I'm enjoying reading it immensely, though.


I'm just interested in seeing where it goes next! I don't know enough about the LLH yet to make any more specific requests. (Plus I keep falling behind on my Tumblr dash and missing updates.)

Dizzy H. Muffin

Hm, noted.

... OK, let's see if I can throw together something that is respond-to-able ...

Dizzy H. Muffin

Hm. I'm actually now considering pulling an Andrew, and just using my own "commands" rather than using user-input, if this sort of thing is going to be an issue.