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2014/03/02: Yeah idk


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Urgh it feels like this blog is mostly excuses nowadays ...

I dunno, I've just been COMPLETELY devoid of energy these days, as opposed to merely mostly devoid of energy, apart from going into a Spark fugue doing programming which isn't bringing me any closer to finishing a game or anything like that. Haven't had much in the way of emotional improvement, despite doubling the dosage of the medication I'm taking. I have a doctor's appointment in three weeks, in point of fact; I'll bring this up then!!

I kinda feel like I'm closer to just cancelling Cottagesnagged than I've been before, but since I know it's probably the medication (and also because I'm horribly indecisive) I don't want to commit to it. I'm also furiously trying to find a job, which will also probably not help my Cottagesnagged-making habits, but, eh. That's What's Important Right Now!

Oh, also, to top everything off right now, I seem to be coming down with some kind of cold, so I'm probably not going to be accomplishing anything substantial any time soon regardless. If it's not one thing it's another, right? So, yeah.

One good thing that's happened is that I finally got a keyboard for my tablet, and I could theoretically just type this on that, so that's A Cool Thing. It's basically a normal keyboard, which plugs into my Nexus 7 using the USB/charger port. 's pretty nice!

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Well if you feel like this is no longer fun for you you should just either take a break from it. I mean if it's no longer fun for you I believe you should just walk away from it all. Besides, yes we will miss having it continued, but it's probably better for you to take a break and and sort things out than to crash and burn here.

In any case hope that you'll feel better soon, both physically, metally, and financially of course.


Indeed, it shouldn't become a chore.


*Stereotypical encouraging response here*

No, but seriously - do what you feel is right, dood. You've been running this place for along time now, and maybe a little break - or even an extended one - might be in order. Don't think anyone will belly-ache about you taking time away to do actual, y'know, IMPORTANT REAL-LIFE INFLUENCING things first. :P

Of course, Cottagesnagged, and indeed the Nekokayou comic itself, would be greatly missed (at least by me), but a hobby is only a hobby after all.

Best wishes and best of luck, regardless of your eventual, final decision!

Mr. Vareel

While I would loath to see it go, I have to agree with Wolf, Medinoc, and Xaltwind. This kind of thing should be a labor of love, not a labor of perceived duty. I'd like to say that I absolutely love your works though, as I'd guess many who frequent the site do, but you should stop if you don't feel up to it. (...Great, now it sounds like I'm trying to guilt trip you. Way to go, Vareel.)

On a side note, I MΛY (and I'd like to emphasize the uncertainty of that) be able to point you to some help as far as getting a job goes. I'm sort-of trying to get a job myself (long, embarrassing story), and I've been pointed to an organization called Jay Nolan. (I don't know why they're called that either.) They specialize in Λutism, but I think they'll work with anyone with a learning disability. (Not sure if they're still called learning disabilities.)
I can't guarantee they'll be able to help, they may not even be available in the area you live. (I'm not sure how it works but I think they're only available in some states. I can only vouch for California.) But I figure it'd be worth looking into, assuming you've got nothing else. Sorry in advance if it turns out to be a dead end.

Dizzy H. Muffin

No, it's specific to California itself. :P I'm actually using a NH-based equivalent, though.