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2009/10/08: Some random thoughts


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A couple of random thoughts, two hours and 15 minutes before I turn 24:1

1. I'm amused by the fact that, for a while, when I went to logout of Gmail, the Google Talk bit — immediately after I clicked on "Logout" — would give a sort of "hang on, technical difficulties" message, as if it had thought that the effects of my logging out were some sort of technical blip which would soon be resolved and then I'd be able to resume using Google Talk. (Hint: I would, after I logged in.)

2. I wasn't feeling too good this morning — stress, what with financial difficulties and my birthday coming up, plus a contest on Maidens of the Kaleidoscope that was wearing me thin at the time (it's gotten better) — so I thought What Would Kamina Do? I imagined him punching me in the face and giving a rousing speech. I was going "Row, row, fight the powah!" in minutes. Then I remembered that I'd had difficulty getting to sleep, for much the same reason, and pondered how Kamina would help with that. I imagined him punching me to knock me out and saying "There! Problem solved."

1Well, if you want to get technical, I was born about ten minutes to midnight, so it's twenty-six hours and five minutes until I'm precisely 24 years old. In another universe, with only a slight change, my birthday is on the 10th. And in another year I'd be celebrating my 25th birthday on 10/10/10 ...

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fingers crossed...

whenever you do decide to celebrate it, happy birthday!

Facteur Rien

Good luck. But remember that financial question should be took care of before this story of Maiden contest.

And Eye'm not saying that because I want that you quit this contest, of course. Eye'm only thinking about your interest.

And the mine: if you're poor, you won't have Internet, and if you don't have Internet, you won't make any more comic.


well, happy Beefday mang. And yeah, money today is such a pain these... last couple decades? Anyway, good thinking using manliness and awesomess to solve your problems, just remember to do it in healthy small doses


hahaha. "What would Kamina do?" Maybe I should think about that at times...