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Art: Reimu outlines

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Reimu outlines

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More fiddling 'n' figuring things out. Reimu's more or less in her pose from Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom I guess.

How to develop an art style: Step 1 is, copy something else verbatim. (The "something else" can be a previous iteration of this process.) Earlier I copied Momodora and Cave Story; this time it was Stardew Valley, of all things. (See: the one in the upper-left corner.) Step 2 is to say "OK, how is this different from what I want to do? How does this fail to accomplish my actual goals with this style?" Step 3 is to take the answer to the question in step 2, and screw around until you have something that's basically acceptable. Repeat steps 2 and 3 (with 1 added again as necessary) forever!

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