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Touhou Nekokayou #89: Of Mice And Girls


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Touhou Nekokayou: Scarlet Weather Archive in Japanese Red #89

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Characters: Eirin Yagokoro, Kaguya Houraisan, Midori Inaba, Mika Sayomi Inaba, Fujiwara no Mokou

You know, I don't think I've ever actually used the built-in version of create.swf's Eientei backgrounds, I've always just used the one I made (which KirbyM based it on). Another item of note: it's great being able to make Mika and Midori in create.swf with no Photoshop work! (I still had to do photoshop-hax to get the speech-balloon with multiple tails in panel 6, but, eh, you win some, you lose some ...)

Kaguya the mouse does, indeed, actually exist. (This also takes place in 2008. And thus it is also set before UFO, so no mention of Nazrin, sorry.) I figured it would be fun to have Kaguya discover the existence thereof — this was actually after I discovered the Lesbian Mouse Babies (Warning, link leads to TVTropes. Muffin will not be held responsible for hours of time lost as a result of following it.But see also this disclaimer) when someone added it to the comic's TVTropes page (Warning, link leads to TVTropes. Previous disclaimer appliesBut see also this disclaimer) — and meanwhile, I wanted to have Mika and Midori fleeing in terror whilst holding a Seinfeldian Conversation (Warning, link leads to TVTropes. Previous disclaimer appliesBut see also this disclaimer), oh hey I might as well combine the two ideas!

The "spin" SFX and Mika's speed-lines in panel 7 are the same color as Hina Kagiyama's hair. I just thought people would like to know that.

I've also updated my OCs' profiles for etymology of their names, huzzah. Well, except where I had them already.

The title is, of course, a reference to John Steinbeck's novel Of Mice and Men.


  1. (Kaguya and Eirin in Eientei.)
    Eirin: So, apparently, that crow-tengu's run out of ideas to the point that she's getting old news items from the Outside World, but there's one thing I thought you'd find interesting.
    Kaguya: Oh?
  2. Eirin: Yes, their doctors have managed to partially simulate parthenogenesis -- that is, reproducing with only one parent -- and the result was a mouse they named after you!
    Kaguya: Is that so!
  3. (Mika and Midori in another part of Eientei.)
    Mika: Ah, so you heard about it already?
    Midori: Yeah. Now you're gonna take it one step further and start pondering how it applies to the Princess, right?
  4. Mika: Hah -- this time, I actually did research! And it does *not* apply. While Lunar humans and Earth humans are the same species, neither she or Mokou can become pregnant cuz of the elixir thing!
    Midori: Ah, too big of a change to their bodies, huh?
  5. (They start pondering things. Mokou is starting to enter the panel.)
    Mika: Yeah ... I guess the next question is who'd be the "dad" in that relationship ...
    Midori: Hmm ...
  6. (Mokou is right behind Mika as both of them have the same bright idea.)
    Mika and Midori: Mokou!
  7. (Mokou gives them a bit of a glare as Mika whirls around, both of them reacting in fright.)
    Mokou: ......
    Mika SFX: spin
  8. (Mika and Midori flee through the Bamboo Forest.)
    Mika: I think we should start paying more attention to our surroundings ...
    Midori: You sure? I mean, that generally hasn't been what the problem was in cases like this ...
  9. (Mokou is in hot pursuit (although she doesn't look murderous and her wings aren't out).)
    Mika: Oh right ... like the time with Reisen, it was cuz we *asked* her and stuff.
    Midori: Yeah, I think it's more like, we need to be more careful about *what* we say.

All Touhou characters are © Team Shanghai Alice and/or ZUN; create.swf is ⑨ KirbyM with help from Thefre. "Sakura petals" brush in main/4koma logo was made by Kisara Girl. "Falling leaves" brush in 60-Years logo came with Photoshop.

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/ Modified by Dizzy H. Muffin:

Troper Sign 「Lampshade Hanging」

You really keep linking use to TVTroper.

「Spell Brake」

Anywho Nice work.

[Edit by muffin: please to be closing HTML tags properly]


@Muffin: I'm Sorry TT_TT;


So does that mean that Kaguya and Mokou don't menstruate? And just what the heck happens to cell cultures you take from an immortal, anyways? /pedantic_rant

And on a completely unrelated note: There was also a moon probe named Kaguya, which crashed back in June. Curse of the Heavens, part 1.9?



my take is that when aging stops, it also stops various biological cycles, including the menstrual cycle. it could possibly be induced chemically (reverse birth control pills, lol)


Ooh, more fun moon conspiracies. Lava tubes on the moon

Dizzy H. Muffin

My stance (read: the way it works in the Touhou Nekokayou continuity), which got lost in Mika's low comprehension-level, is that it reverses and prevents change. Aging, pregnancy, injury — those are all fairly big changes, though they differ in how quick they happen and how far against the grain you need to go to cause them. Any attempt at causing changes in a Hourai-immortal's body will either fail, or reverse itself after the change happens. Ordinary processes, like the digestive system and needing to sleep and growing your hair (Mokou had short hair when she took the elixir, remember!), evidently don't count as "changes."

(As an aside, Tattoos will stay, except if that part of their skin gets injured and regenerates, but it would be difficult to apply them since you have to puncture the skin to apply them, and it isn't clear how long it takes non-fatal "changes" to get restored, but it's probably fairly quick.)

As for taking bits out of them: I'm assuming that if you tried to remove something, it would either lose all special properties, or it would disappear when they regenerated. I'm leaning towards the latter for the most part, or maybe it could depend on how much you took away (a drop of blood is fine, an arm is not).


well, this is why you need moon rabbits to experiment on... I mean, it's not like Eirin would experiment how to fertilize an egg of them and plant it in- I mean, never mind.

Hmmm, wonder what will be the next awesome breaking news

Kitsune Inari

In other words, the pregnancy (an ordinary process) will carry on normally, and any possible postpartum problem (changes) either don't happen or are soon reverted. Am I wrong?

Dizzy H. Muffin

Well, my point was, it's not that ordinary. Aging is an "ordinary process" too, remember.


Makes sense though. Mokou is more down-to-earth, and Kaguya's flighty.